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Full Text of HB0983  93rd General Assembly

HB0983sam001 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 05737 BDD 15665 a

 1                     AMENDMENT TO HOUSE BILL 983

 2        AMENDMENT NO.     .  Amend House Bill  983  by  replacing
 3    the title with the following:

 4        "AN ACT concerning kosher foods."; and

 5    by  replacing  everything  after the enacting clause with the
 6    following:

 7        "Section 5.  The Kosher Food Act is amended  by  changing
 8    Section 1 as follows:

 9        (410 ILCS 645/1) (from Ch. 56 1/2, par. 288.1)
10        Sec.  1.   (a) Every person, who, with intent to defraud,
11    sells, or exposes for sale any meat or meat preparations  and
12    falsely  represents  the same to be kosher, whether such meat
13    or  meat  preparations  be  raw   or   prepared   for   human
14    consumption,  or  as  having  been  prepared  under  and of a
15    product or products sanctioned by the certifying organization
16    or the supervising rabbi Code  of  Jewish  Laws;  or  falsely
17    represents  any  food  product  or  the  contents of any food
18    package or container to be so constituted  and  prepared,  by
19    having  or  permitting  to  be  inscribed  thereon  the  word
20    "kosher"  in  any  language;  or  in  any  sign,  display  or
21    advertisement  characterizes  his  place  of  business  as  a
                            -2-      LRB093 05737 BDD 15665 a
 1    "kosher"  establishment  if non-kosher food products are sold
 2    or offered for sale in such place of business; or who,  while
 3    dealing  or  purporting  to  deal  in  kosher  meat  or  meat
 4    preparations,  prepares  or handles or sells, or causes to be
 5    prepared or handled or sold, any food products which, when so
 6    prepared or handled or sold together with kosher meat or meat
 7    preparations, constitute a violation of the  requirements  of
 8    the  certifying organization or the supervising rabbi Code of
 9    Jewish Laws, and thereby render  such  kosher  meat  or  meat
10    preparations,  so  handled  or sold in conjunction therewith,
11    non-kosher, or who otherwise in  the  preparation,  handling,
12    and  sale  of  such kosher meat or meat preparations fails to
13    comply with such  religious  requirements  and  dietary  laws
14    necessary  to  constitute  such  meat  or  meat  preparations
15    kosher,  or  who,  without  complying  with such religious or
16    dietary laws, issues or maintains any sign  or  advertisement
17    in  any  language  purporting  to  represent that he sells or
18    deals in kosher meat or meat preparations,  shall  be  deemed
19    guilty  of  a misdemeanor and subject to the penalty provided
20    for in Section 2 of this Act.
21        (b)  It shall be unlawful to label or designate  food  or
22    food  products  with  the  words parve or pareve knowing that
23    such food or food products  contain  milk,  meat  or  poultry
24    products  rendering  such  food  products impermissible to be
25    used or eaten according to the certifying organization or the
26    supervising rabbi Code of Jewish Laws.
27        (c)  Any food commodity in package form which  is  marked
28    as  being  certified  by  an  organization, identified on the
29    package by any symbol or is marked as being Kosher shall  not
30    be  offered  for  sale by the producer or distributor of such
31    food  commodity  until  30  days  after  such   producer   or
32    distributor  shall  have registered the name, current address
33    and telephone numbers of the certifying organization  or  the
34    supervising   rabbi   with   the   Illinois   Department   of
                            -3-      LRB093 05737 BDD 15665 a
 1    Agriculture.
 2    (Source: P.A. 83-1029.)".