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Full Text of HB2797  93rd General Assembly

HB2797eng 93rd General Assembly


HB2797 Engrossed                     LRB093 06800 NHT 06941 b

 1        AN ACT regarding schools.

 2        Be it enacted by the People of  the  State  of  Illinois,
 3    represented in the General Assembly:

 4        Section  5.  The School Code is amended by adding Section
 5    14-6.04 as follows:

 6        (105 ILCS 5/14-6.04 new)
 7        Sec. 14-6.04.  Contracting for speech-language  pathology
 8    services.
 9        (a)  For purposes of this Section:
10        "Reasonable   efforts"   means   performing  all  of  the
11    following:
12             (1)  placing at least  3  employment  advertisements
13        for  a speech-language pathologist published in the daily
14        newspaper  of  widest  distribution  within  the   school
15        district or cooperative;
16             (2)  placing one employment listing in the placement
17        bulletin   of   a  college  or  university   that  has  a
18        speech-language pathology curriculum and  is  located  in
19        the   geographic   area   of   the   school  district  or
20        cooperative; and
21             (3)  posting  the   position   for   speech-language
22        pathologist   on   the  Illinois  Association  of  School
23        Administrators' job placement service  for  at  least  30
24        days.
25        "Speech-language pathologist" means a person who:
26             (1)  holds  a  master's  or  doctoral  degree with a
27        major  emphasis  in  speech-language  pathology  from  an
28        institution accredited under the auspices of the American
29        Speech-Language-Hearing Association; and
30             (2)  either (i) has completed  a  program  of  study
31        prior  to  July  1,  2002  that  includes course work and
HB2797 Engrossed            -2-      LRB093 06800 NHT 06941 b
 1        supervised clinical experience sufficient in breadth  and
 2        depth  to demonstrate knowledge and skills related to the
 3        specific problems, methods, and procedures applicable  to
 4        students  with  disabilities  in a school setting serving
 5        ages 3 to 21 or (ii) meets the standards adopted  by  the
 6        State  Board of Education, in consultation with the State
 7        Teacher Certification Board, applicable to students  with
 8        disabilities in a school setting serving ages 3 to 21.
 9        "Speech-language    pathology    services"    means   the
10    application  of  methods  and  procedures  for   identifying,
11    measuring,  testing,  appraising,  predicting,  and modifying
12    communication development and disorders  or  disabilities  of
13    speech,   language,  voice,  swallowing,  and  other  speech,
14    language, and voice-related  disorders  for  the  purpose  of
15    counseling,    consulting,    and   rendering   services   or
16    participating in the planning, directing,  or  conducting  of
17    programs  that are designed to modify communicative disorders
18    and  conditions  in  individuals  or  groups  of  individuals
19    involving speech, language, voice, and swallowing functions.
20        (b)  After reasonable efforts have been made to employ  a
21    speech-language pathologist, a school district or cooperative
22    may  contract  for  speech language pathology services with a
23    speech-language  pathologist  or  an  entity   that   employs
24    speech-language  pathologists.  A speech-language pathologist
25    who provides speech-language pathology services pursuant to a
26    contract must hold:
27             (1)  a speech-language pathology license  under  the
28        Illinois Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Practice
29        Act; and
30             (2)  a   certificate   under   this   Code  with  an
31        endorsement in speech-language pathology.

32        Section 99.  Effective date. This Act takes  effect  upon
33    becoming law.