Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee

Filed: 03/04/04





09300HB4825ham001 LRB093 19144 RLC 48505 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4825 by replacing
3 lines 6 through 32 on page 1 and line 1 on page 2 with the
4 following:
5     "(725 ILCS 5/107-2.5 new)
6     Sec. 107-2.5. DNA fingerprinting analysis. Every person
7 arrested for committing a felony as defined in Section 2-7 of
8 the Criminal Code of 1961 shall have a sample of his or her
9 saliva or tissue taken for DNA analysis for the purpose of
10 determining identity and for the purposes specified in this
11 Section and subsection (f) of Section 5-4-3 of the Unified Code
12 of Corrections. The analysis shall be performed by the
13 Department of State Police or any other agent approved by the
14 Department of State Police. The identification characteristics
15 resulting from DNA analysis shall be stored and maintained by
16 the Department of State Police or any agent approved by the
17 Department. The information may be maintained in a database
18 that is separate from the genetic marker groupings maintained
19 under Section 5-4-3 of the Unified Code of Corrections. Any law
20 enforcement agency extracting DNA samples under this Section
21 shall be required to follow all written rules and regulations
22 for the collection, storage, and processing of such samples
23 promulgated by the Department of State Police. All results
24 developed from collected DNA samples shall be subject to any
25 and all confidentiality provisions of State and federal law.



09300HB4825ham001 - 2 - LRB093 19144 RLC 48505 a

1 Any agent approved by the Department of State Police to store
2 and analyze DNA samples shall be required to meet all Illinois
3 State Police laboratory accreditation requirements and shall
4 properly forward the results of the DNA analysis to the
5 Department of State Police.".