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2     WHEREAS, This year marks the 125th Anniversary of the
3 founding of the Clydesdale Breeders Association of the U.S.A.;
4 the Association was organized April 23, 1879 and incorporated
5 in the State of Illinois on December 4, 1879; and
6     WHEREAS, The first Stud Book was published in 1882 and
7 contained 1050 entries; nearly half of those entries were the
8 property of two owners, Robert Holloway of Illinois and the
9 Powell Bros. of Pennslyvania; a large number of entries were
10 imported, either from Canada or Scotland, before the American
11 Association was started; and
12     WHEREAS, Clydesdale business was strong in the 1870s and
13 1880s and the Association held an annual show at the Illinois
14 State Fair, and then held the show in Chicago starting in 1884;
15 in 1893 the Association held a very successful show at the
16 Chicago World's Fair; the International Livestock Show in
17 Chicago was established in 1900 and was the top Clydesdale show
18 in the country for fifty years with the Clydesdale hitches
19 dominating the ring of interbreed hitch competition; and
20     WHEREAS, In 1931, because of a legal tax problem concerning
21 the non-profit status, the Association was advised by the
22 Secretary of State of Illinois that in order to be properly
23 listed as not for profit, it would be necessary to dissolve and
24 reorganize under a new name; as a result the Clydesdale
25 Breeders of the United States was incorporated in the State of
26 Illinois on June 29, 1933; and
27     WHEREAS, In May 1934, the Chicago Stockyards burned,
28 including the Clydesdale office, and all the records of the
29 Association were lost; although the 1930s saw Clydesdale
30 breeding stock facing hard times, Clydesdale hitches dominated
31 the competition and were very popular in the eyes of the



HR0798 - 2 - LRB093 21531 KEF 49163 r

1 public; the repel of Prohibition brought the debut of the
2 Anheuser Busch Eight Horse Hitch and it has become the best
3 advertisement for the Clydesdale horses in all times; and
4     WHEREAS, A small number of breeders kept the Association
5 alive in the 1940s and 1950s with some generations still active
6 within the Association to this time; the Association, which was
7 considered a minor breed, had only twenty to thirty
8 registrations a year during the 1950s and 1960s; by the end of
9 that decade things had improved dramatically and many new
10 people had joined the Association; and
11      WHEREAS, In 1972, the Association was outgrowing its rules
12 and bylaws adopted in the reorganization of 1933; new bylaws
13 were drawn up and the Association was reorganized a second
14 time; in May 1976 the office of the Association was moved to
15 Pecatonica where it remains today; the growth of the breed has
16 continued in an uphill manner for the rest of the 20th century;
17 in 1976 the number of registrations were 135 and has continued
18 to grow each year resulting in 641 being registered in 2003;
19 and
20     WHEREAS, In May 1985, the Association held its first
21 National Clydesdale Sale in Decatur, and the sale was very
22 successful; in 1986 the National Sale was moved to the Illinois
23 State Fairgrounds in Springfield and has continued to be held
24 in that location since; the Association also decided to hold
25 their annual meetings in Springfield in conjunction with the
26 National Sale, which proved to be an excellent decision; and
27     WHEREAS, The 2004 National Sale and Annual Meeting will
28 take place on April 22-24; therefore, be it
31 recognize the 125th Anniversary of the Clydesdale Breeders



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1 Association of the U.S.A.; and be it further
2     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
3 presented to the current President of the Clydesdale Breeders
4 Association of the U.S.A., Martin E. English, and secretary,
5 Betty Groves, as a token of our esteem.