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Full Text of SB0073  93rd General Assembly

SB0073sam005 93rd General Assembly


                                     LRB093 10959 MKM 14397 a

 1                     AMENDMENT TO SENATE BILL 73

 2        AMENDMENT NO.     .  Amend Senate Bill  73,  AS  AMENDED,
 3    with  reference  to page and line numbers of Senate Amendment
 4    No. 3, on page 3, by replacing lines 2  through  6  with  the
 5    following:
 6    "substantially  similar  to  and in lieu of services that are
 7    being provided by regular employees  of  an  agency  upon  or
 8    after  the  effective date of this Act and that result in the
 9    reduction in force of  at  least  one  permanent,  classified
10    employee.  Notwithstanding  any  provision of this Act to the
11    contrary, any agreement entered into prior to  the  effective
12    date  of  this  Act,  including any amendments or renewals of
13    those agreements, shall not  be  considered  a  privatization
14    contract.  This  Act  shall  not apply to contracts if any of
15    the"; and

16    on  page  4,  by  replacing  lines  9  through  10  with  the
17    following:
18             "(10)  The  contract  is  for  highway,   structure,
19        airport,  or  transit  construction  or  for building and
20        structure construction;
21             (11)  The contract or grant includes the purchase of
22        care, as defined in the Illinois  Procurement  Code,  and
23        facilities  licensed  under  the Nursing Home Care Act of
                            -2-      LRB093 10959 MKM 14397 a
 1        1971;
 2             (12)  There is a conflict of interest; or
 3             (13)  The agreement was entered into prior to  the";
 4        and

 5    by  replacing  lines  10  through  34  on  page 5 and lines 1
 6    through 21 on page 6 with the following:
 7    "standard of quality of the subject services. This  statement
 8    shall  be  a public record, shall be filed in the agency, and
 9    shall be published in the State register.
10        (c)  For  each  position  in  which  a  contractor   will
11    employ"; and

12    on page 7, by replacing lines 1 through 3 with the following:
13        "(d)  No amendment to a privatization contract shall be";
14    and

15    on page 7, line 6, by replacing "(g)" with "(e)"; and

16    on page 7, line 16, by replacing "(h)" with "(f)"; and

17    on page 9, by replacing line 21 with the following:
18        "(c)  The agency"."