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Full Text of HB0728  94th General Assembly


Rep. Jerry L. Mitchell

Adopted in House on Mar 15, 2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 728 on page 5, by
3 replacing lines 31 through 34 with the following:
4 "facility unless the school district certifies to the State
5 Superintendent of Education that the special education program
6 of that district is unable to meet the needs of that child
7 because of his disability and the State Superintendent of"; and
8 on page 5, line 36, after the period, by inserting the
9 following:
10 "However, if a child is unilaterally placed by a State agency
11 or any court in a non-public school or special education
12 facility, public out-of-state school, or county special
13 education facility, a school district shall not be required to
14 certify to the State Superintendent of Education, for the
15 purpose of tuition reimbursement, that the special education
16 program of that district is unable to meet the needs of a child
17 because of his or her disability.".