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Full Text of HB0794  94th General Assembly


Rep. Harry Osterman

Filed: 04/04/05





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 794 on page 4, by
3 replacing lines 26 through 34 with the following:
4     ""Gun show" means an event or function at which the sale
5 and transfer of firearms is the regular and normal course of
6 business where:
7         (1) 50 or more firearms are displayed, offered, or
8     exhibited for sale, transfer, or exchange; or
9         (2) not less than 5 gun show vendors display, offer, or
10     exhibit for sale, sell, transfer, or exchange firearms.
11     "Gun show" includes the entire premises provided for an
12 event or function, including parking areas for the event or
13 function, that is sponsored to facilitate the purchase, sale,
14 transfer, or exchange of firearms as described in this Section.
15     "Gun show" does not include training or safety classes,
16 competitive shooting events, such as rifle, shotgun, or handgun
17 matches, trap, skeet, or sporting clays shoots, dinners,
18 banquets, raffles, or any other event where the sale or
19 transfer of firearms is not the primary course of business.".