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Filed: 3/9/2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1445 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 5. The Fire Sprinkler Contractor Licensing Act is
5 amended by changing Section 30 as follows:
6     (225 ILCS 317/30)
7     Sec. 30. Requirements for the installation and repair of
8 fire protection systems.
9     (a) Equipment shall be listed by a nationally recognized
10 testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. or
11 Factory Mutual Laboratories, Inc., or shall comply with
12 nationally accepted standards. The State Fire Marshal shall
13 adopt by rule procedures for determining whether a laboratory
14 is nationally recognized, taking into account the laboratory's
15 facilities, procedures, use of nationally recognized
16 standards, and any other criteria reasonably calculated to
17 reach an informed determination.
18     (b) Equipment shall be installed in accordance with the
19 applicable standards of the National Fire Protection
20 Association and the manufacturer's specifications.
21     (c) The contractor shall furnish the user with operating
22 instructions for all equipment installed, together with a
23 diagram of the final installation.
24     (d) All fire sprinkler systems shall have a backflow



09400HB1445ham001 - 2 - LRB094 10091 RAS 43245 a

1 prevention device or, in a municipality with a population over
2 500,000, a double detector check assembly installed by a
3 licensed plumber before the fire sprinkler system connection to
4 the water service. Connection to the backflow prevention device
5 or, in a municipality with a population over 500,000, a double
6 detector assembly shall be done in a manner consistent with the
7 Department of Public Health's Plumbing Code.
8     (d-5) Prior to submitting any layout drawing of sprinkler
9 systems to the authority that has jurisdiction, the layout
10 drawing must be stamped by a professional engineer who is
11 licensed under the laws of the State or certified by a holder
12 of a valid NICET level 3 or higher certification in "fire
13 protection technology, automatic sprinkler system layout" who
14 is licensed under this Act or is employed by a person or an
15 organization licensed under this Act.
16     (e) This licensing Act is not intended to require any
17 additional fire inspections at State level.
18 (Source: P.A. 92-871, eff. 1-3-03.)".