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Full Text of HB2512  94th General Assembly


Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness Committee

Adopted in House Comm. on Mar 10, 2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2512, AS AMENDED, by
3 replacing everything after the enacting clause with the
4 following:
5     "Section 5. The State Prompt Payment Act is amended by
6 adding Section 8 as follows:
7     (30 ILCS 540/8 new)
8     Sec. 8. Priority of payment.
9     (a) Definition. As used in this Section, "qualified
10 provider" means an organization that provides non-residential
11 services for the elderly or for the prevention, intervention,
12 or treatment of mental illness, developmental disabilities,
13 alcoholism or substance abuse. A "qualified provider" also
14 includes an entity licensed under the Community-Integrated
15 Living Arrangements Licensure and Certification Act and a
16 facility licensed under the Nursing Home Care Act. A "qualified
17 provider" does not include a hospital licensed under the
18 Hospital Licensing Act or a local governmental unit or
19 university. The Department of Human Services, in cooperation
20 with the Department on Aging and the Department of Public Aid,
21 shall make the determination of who is a "qualified provider".
22     (b) Processing by official or agency. Except as provided in
23 subsection (c), a bill or invoice for goods or services
24 furnished to the State submitted by a qualified provider and a



09400HB2512ham002 - 2 - LRB094 09957 BDD 43545 a

1 grant award payment to a qualified provider must be given
2 priority in processing. Any bill or invoice and any grant award
3 payment meeting these criteria that is submitted to an official
4 or agency must be processed and forwarded for payment before
5 any other bill, invoice, or grant award payment is processed or
6 forwarded for payment.
7     (c) A properly prepared voucher request to the Office of
8 the Comptroller for payment to a qualified provider, as defined
9 in this Section, shall be given priority by the Comptroller for
10 processing and warrant issuance after debt service obligations
11 and payroll obligations of the State have been met unless the
12 Comptroller deems that other obligations of the State must be
13 satisfied prior to these categories of payment. If at any time
14 the Comptroller determines that there are insufficient funds
15 available to process priority payments as required under this
16 Section, then vouchers shall be processed and paid out in a
17 first-in, first-out manner as corresponding funds become
18 available.
19     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
20 becoming law.".