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Full Text of HB4238  94th General Assembly


Agriculture & Conservation Committee

Adopted in House Comm. on Jan 24, 2006





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4238 on page 1, in
3 line 4 by replacing "amended" with "amended by adding Section
4 9.5 and"; and
5 on page 1, by inserting below line 5 the following:
6     (510 ILCS 5/9.5 new)
7     Sec. 9.5. Dogs hunting; in dog parks. A dog that is
8 actively engaged in a legal hunting activity, including
9 training, is not considered to be running at large if the dog
10 is monitored or supervised by a person and the dog is on land
11 that is open to hunting or on land with respect to which the
12 person has obtained written permission to hunt or train a dog.
13 A dog that is in a dog-friendly area of a park or in a dog park
14 is not considered to be running at large if the dog is
15 monitored or supervised by a person."; and
16 on page 2, in line 17 by inserting after the period the
17 following:
18 "This subsection does not apply to a police dog that inflicts
19 serious physical injury to a person in the course of its
20 duties.".