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Full Text of HB4756  94th General Assembly


Rep. Carolyn H. Krause

Filed: 2/7/2006





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4756 on page 1,
3 immediately after line 15, by inserting the following:
4     "For purposes of this Section, "international business
5 center" means any not-for-profit organization, including a
6 federal, State, or local organization or private organization,
7 that: (i) focuses on helping Illinois business take advantage
8 of global business opportunities, (ii) sponsors and provides
9 educational workshops, trade missions, and networking events
10 designed to help Illinois companies develop and expand business
11 strategies in a global environment, (iii) works with the
12 Department to assist businesses in promoting their services,
13 and (iv) helps local and regional businesses to expand and
14 compete in the global marketplace.
15     The Department shall serve as an advisor to international
16 business centers and shall assist them in the promotion of
17 their services in order to promote a stronger business
18 community and increase the workforce in Illinois. The
19 assistance shall include facilitating trade shows and meetings
20 within international business centers to help local and
21 regional firms take advantage of global opportunities and
22 become aware of foreign investment opportunities.".