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Full Text of HB4832  94th General Assembly


Rep. Robert F. Flider

Filed: 2/22/2006





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4832 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5 Community Service Education Act.
6     Section 5. Policy. Community service education programs
7 educate students about the value of civic involvement through
8 actual school-sponsored involvement in their communities.
9 Students, citizens, civic groups, businesses, and community
10 organizations benefit from community service education
11 programs by developing strong partnerships that enhance the
12 value of schools and quality of life in communities. Community
13 service education programs build stronger schools, stronger
14 communities, and a positive environment.
15     In many communities, the school district is the economic
16 engine that provides jobs, economic stability, and prosperity.
17 Community service education programs enable more school
18 districts and communities to prosper economically while
19 promoting good citizenship. School districts that offer
20 community service education programs enjoy a significant
21 return on their investment. Hence, the policy of the State of
22 Illinois is to support such programs by providing incentives to
23 encourage school districts to offer community service
24 education programs.



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1     Section 10. Community Service Education Program. There is
2 created the Community Service Education Program, administered
3 by the State Board of Education, in cooperation with school
4 districts. Participation in this program is voluntary. The
5 following items may serve as best practices to be considered by
6 school districts opting to implement the program under Section
7 25 of this Act:
8         (1) The program contains provisions and standards
9     conducive to the establishment of community, business, and
10     education partnerships that give use to lasting
11     relationships between school districts and partners that
12     are mutually beneficial.
13         (2) The program provides greater community access to
14     school facilities and programs to promote increased
15     achievement by children.
16         (3) The program makes school facilities available for
17     citizen use.
18         (4) The program organizes local residents to assess
19     local conditions, set priorities, identify program needs,
20     and participate in program planning and development.
21         (5) The program identifies and utilizes resources
22     within the community or those that impact on the community.
23         (6) The program assists in the initiation of new and
24     improved programs in an effort to improve opportunities for
25     all residents of the community.
26         (7) The program provides effective youth training
27     programs and employment counseling in schools, as well as
28     paid work experience linking the schools with the private
29     sector.
30         (8) The program provides student involvement in
31     community service learning activities, organizations, and
32     intergenerational programs.
33         (9) The program provides volunteer programs to bring



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1     parents, business personnel, community agency
2     representatives, retirees, and other students into the
3     classroom as participants in the teaching of students.
4         (10) The program provides supplemental or additional
5     programs for junior high school and high school age youth
6     that may consist of enrichment, individual, and
7     supplemental activities, as well as recreational,
8     cultural, and vocational programs.
9         (11) The program provides programs to meet the
10     individual needs of all people who reside in the school
11     district being served.
12 Nothing set forth in items (7) through (11) shall be
13 constituted as either requiring or permitting the Community
14 Service Education Program to have any program or programs
15 serving the same purpose or purposes as those elsewhere
16 specifically provided for in the School Code.
17     The Community Service Education Program shall avoid
18 duplication of existing programs operated by other entities in
19 whole or in part within a school district. The Community
20 Service Education Program shall provide for the involvement of
21 the residents of a school district in ascertaining the identity
22 of local problems and in ascertaining the community resources
23 available for dealing with these problems.
24     Section 25. Establishment of community service education
25 program by school district. A school district may establish
26 and operate a community service education program that
27 qualifies for a grant under Section 92 of this Act by complying
28 with the provisions of this Act and any rules adopted by the
29 State Board of Education under Section 500 of this Act.
30     Section 60. Local input. Each school board that establishes
31 a community service education program under Section 25 of this
32 Act shall establish a process to obtain input into the



09400HB4832ham001 - 4 - LRB094 17562 NHT 56282 a

1 development and operation of its community service education
2 program by members who represent various service
3 organizations, churches, public schools, units of local
4 government, businesses and professions, public and private
5 agencies serving youth, families, or senior citizens,
6 municipal governments, townships, libraries, park, recreation,
7 or forest preserve districts located in whole or in part within
8 the school district, and any other group or groups
9 participating in the school district's community service
10 education program.
11     Section 65. Director of Community Service Education. Each
12 school district maintaining a community service education
13 program established under Section 25 of this Act shall employ
14 or appoint a Director of Community Service Education. The
15 Director shall be responsible for all aspects of the school
16 district's community service education program. An individual
17 employed solely as a Director of Community Service Education
18 need not hold a teaching or administrative certificate from the
19 State of Illinois.
20     Section 75. Non-duplication of programs. A school district
21 that establishes a community service education program under
22 Section 25 of this Act must strive to ensure that its community
23 service education program does not duplicate services offered
24 by other entities or school programs.
25     Section 80. Community service education consortiums. Any
26 school district that opts to conduct a community service
27 education program pursuant to the provisions of this Act may
28 enter into an agreement with other school districts to form a
29 consortium for the purpose of offering a consolidated community
30 service education program.



09400HB4832ham001 - 5 - LRB094 17562 NHT 56282 a

1     Section 85. Partnership agreements. A school district
2 community service education program established under Section
3 25 of this Act shall have the power to enter into agreements
4 with any other public or private entity or entities for the
5 furnishing of any component of its community service education
6 program. These agreements may provide for payments from the
7 school district's community service education fund to other
8 entities as contributions to the expenses of the program or
9 programs covered by these agreements.
10     Section 90. Funding. A school district maintaining a
11 community service education program established under Section
12 25 of this Act is authorized to receive money from the State,
13 as grants that are subject to appropriation, and other public
14 and private sources for the support of its program or any
15 component thereof and to expend this money pursuant to the
16 provisions of this Act, subject to the terms and conditions
17 under which the money is received. A not-for-profit
18 organization may be established in support of the program, in
19 accordance with the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of
20 1986, and may seek tax exemption for the organization from the
21 Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Revenue. Subject
22 to guidelines approved by the school board, the school district
23 is also authorized to charge and collect fees from persons
24 voluntarily participating in a specific community service
25 education program. The school board shall also have the
26 authority to designate funds to be used for community service
27 education purposes.
28     Section 92. Grants. Subject to the availability of funds
29 for the specific purpose of making grants for community service
30 education, the State Board of Education is authorized to make
31 grants to school districts operating community service
32 education programs that meet the standards set forth in this



09400HB4832ham001 - 6 - LRB094 17562 NHT 56282 a

1 Act and any rules adopted by the State Board of Education.
2     Section 500. Rules. The State Board of Education may adopt
3 any rules that are necessary to implement and administer this
4 Act.
5     Section 999. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
6 becoming law.".