State of Illinois
2005 and 2006


Introduced 2/23/2005, by Sen. Dave Sullivan


750 ILCS 50/18.05

    Amends the Adoption Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning the Illinois Adoption Registry and the Medical Information Exchange.

LRB094 06842 LCB 36948 b





SB1457 LRB094 06842 LCB 36948 b

1     AN ACT concerning civil law.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 5. The Adoption Act is amended by changing Section
5 18.05 as follows:
6     (750 ILCS 50/18.05)
7     Sec. 18.05. The Illinois Adoption Registry and and Medical
8 Information Exchange.
9     (a) General function. Subject to appropriation, the
10 Department of Public Health shall redefine the function of the
11 Illinois Adoption Registry and create the Medical Information
12 Exchange in the manner outlined in subsections (b) and (c) for
13 the purpose of facilitating the voluntary exchange of medical
14 information between mutually consenting birth parents or birth
15 siblings and mutually consenting adoptive parents or legal
16 guardians of adopted or surrendered persons under the age of 21
17 or adopted or surrendered persons 21 years of age or over. The
18 Department shall establish rules for the confidential
19 operation of the Illinois Adoption Registry. Beginning January
20 1, 2000, the Department shall conduct a public information
21 campaign through public service announcements and other forms
22 of media coverage and, for a minimum of 4 years, through
23 notices enclosed with driver's license renewal applications,
24 shall inform adopted and surrendered persons born,
25 surrendered, or adopted in Illinois and their adoptive parents,
26 legal guardians, birth parents and birth siblings of the
27 Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange.
28 The Department shall notify all parties who registered with the
29 Illinois Adoption Registry prior to January 1, 2000 of the
30 provisions of this amendatory Act of 1999. The Illinois
31 Adoption Registry shall also maintain an informational
32 Internet site where interested parties may access information



SB1457 - 2 - LRB094 06842 LCB 36948 b

1 about the Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information
2 Exchange and download all necessary application forms. The
3 Illinois Adoption Registry shall maintain statistical records
4 regarding Registry participation and publish and circulate to
5 the public informational material about the function and
6 operation of the Registry.
7     (b) Establishment of the Adoption/Surrender Records File.
8 When a person has voluntarily registered with the Illinois
9 Adoption Registry and completed an Illinois Adoption Registry
10 Application or a Registration Identification Form, the
11 Registry shall establish a new Adoption/Surrender Records
12 File. Such file may concern an adoption that was finalized by a
13 court action in the State of Illinois, an adoption of a person
14 born in Illinois finalized by a court action in a state other
15 than Illinois or in a foreign country, or a surrender taken in
16 the State of Illinois. Such file may be established for
17 adoptions or surrenders finalized prior to as well as after the
18 effective date of this amendatory Act of 1999. A file may be
19 created in any manner to preserve documents including but not
20 limited to microfilm, optical imaging, or electronic
21 documents.
22     (c) Contents of the Adoption/Surrender Records File. An
23 established Adoption/Surrender Records File shall be limited
24 to the following items, to the extent that they are available:
25         (1) The General Information Section and Medical
26     Information Exchange Questionnaire of any Illinois
27     Adoption Registry Application or a Registration
28     Identification Form which has been voluntarily completed
29     by the adopted or surrendered person or his or her adoptive
30     parents, legal guardians, birth parents, or birth
31     siblings.
32         (2) Any photographs voluntarily provided by any
33     registrant for the adopted or surrendered person or his or
34     her adoptive parents, legal guardians, birth parents, or
35     birth siblings at the time of registration or any time
36     thereafter. All such photographs shall be submitted in an



SB1457 - 3 - LRB094 06842 LCB 36948 b

1     unsealed envelope no larger than 8 1/2" x 11", and shall
2     not include identifying information pertaining to any
3     person other than the registrant who submitted them. Any
4     such identifying information shall be redacted by the
5     Department or the information shall be returned for removal
6     of identifying information.
7         (3) Any Information Exchange Authorization or Denial
8     of Information Exchange which has been filed by a
9     registrant.
10         (4) For all adoptions finalized after January 1, 2000,
11     copies of the original certificate of live birth and the
12     certificate of adoption.
13         (5) Any updated address submitted by any registered
14     party about himself or herself.
15         (6) Any proof of death which has been submitted by an
16     adopted or surrendered person, adoptive parent, legal
17     guardian, birth parent, or birth sibling.
18 (Source: P.A. 91-417, eff. 1-1-00.)