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Full Text of HB4812  95th General Assembly


Rep. Karen May

Filed: 2/27/2008





09500HB4812ham002 LRB095 18476 NHT 47153 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4812 on page 2, line
3 2, by replacing "Section 5" with "Sections 5 and 15"; and
4 on page 2, immediately below line 15, by inserting the
5 following:
6     "(105 ILCS 140/15)
7     Sec. 15. Green cleaning supply guidelines and
8 specifications. The Illinois Green Government Coordinating
9 Council (IGGCC) shall, in consultation with the Department of
10 Public Health, the State Board of Education, regional offices
11 of education, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency,
12 and a panel of interested stakeholders, including cleaning
13 product industry representatives, non-governmental
14 organizations, and others, establish and amend on an annual
15 basis guidelines and specifications for
16 environmentally-sensitive cleaning and maintenance products



09500HB4812ham002 - 2 - LRB095 18476 NHT 47153 a

1 for use in school facilities as well as State-owned buildings
2 under Section 405-216 of the Department of Central Management
3 Services Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. The
4 IGGCC shall provide multiple avenues by which cleaning products
5 may be determined to be environmentally-sensitive under the
6 guidelines. Guidelines and specifications must be established
7 after a review and evaluation of existing research and must be
8 completed no later than 180 days after the effective date of
9 this Act. Guidelines and specifications may include
10 implementation practices, including inspection. The completed
11 guidelines and specifications must be posted on the IGGCC's
12 Internet website.
13 (Source: P.A. 95-84, eff. 8-13-07.)".