HR0073 LRB095 09431 RLC 34162 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives wish to express their sincere condolences to
4 the family and friends of Charlotte T. Reid of Aurora, the
5 mother of our colleague State Representative Patricia Reid
6 Lindner, who passed away on January 25, 2007; and
7     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid was born in Kankakee on September
8 27, 1913; her parents were Edward and Ethel (Stith) Thompson;
9 and
10     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid attended the Aurora public
11 schools, and spent two years at Illinois College in
12 Jacksonville; she received honorary degrees from John Marshall
13 Law School in Chicago, Illinois College, and Aurora University;
14 and
15     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid studied voice in Chicago under
16 Louise Gilbert and was a featured vocalist on the NBC radio
17 show, Don McNeil's Breakfast Club, singing under her
18 professional name, Annette King; she also sang on Club Matinee
19 and Sunday Dinner at Aunt Fannie's, both NBC radio shows; and
20     WHEREAS, After the death of her husband, Aurora attorney
21 Frank Reid Jr., in 1962, Charlotte Reid was chosen to replace



HR0073 - 2 - LRB095 09431 RLC 34162 r

1 him on the ballot as the nominee for the 15th Congressional
2 District Representative seat; she won the seat and was
3 re-elected four times; while in Congress she served on the
4 Appropriations Committee, Interior and Insular Affairs
5 Committee, Public Works Committee, House Republican Policy
6 Committee, and the Standards of Office and Conduct Committee;
7 in 1964 she addressed the Republican National Convention in San
8 Francisco and in 1968 addressed the Republican National
9 Convention in Miami; and
10     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid was a friend to President Kennedy,
11 President Johnson, and President Nixon; she served in Congress
12 with future President Gerald Ford and also remained friends
13 with him throughout the years; and
14     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid was appointed to the Federal
15 Communications Commission (F.C.C.) by then President Nixon
16 during her fifth term in Washington; she served as the
17 commissioner of defense and was placed in charge of following
18 developments in the field of emergency preparedness and defense
19 mobilization, serving until 1976; after leaving the Commission
20 she was elected to several boards of directors, including
21 Motorola and Mid-Atlantic Bank in New Jersey; and
22     WHEREAS, In 1982 former Secretary of Defense Casper
23 Weinberger appointed Mrs. Reid to serve on the Board of Defense



HR0073 - 3 - LRB095 09431 RLC 34162 r

1 Advisory Committee on Women in the Services; President Ronald
2 Reagan appointed her to serve on the Presidential Task Force on
3 International Private Enterprise; and she served on the Board
4 of Governors of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University;
5 and
6     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid enjoyed music, politics, and golf;
7 she played golf for many years and loved watching golf
8 tournaments, sometimes making a friendly wager on the outcome;
9 she would watch television programs that dealt with local,
10 national, and international issues, and enjoyed watching old
11 musicals; and she would spend summers at her home in Frankfort,
12 Michigan, where a constant stream of friends came to visit; and
13     WHEREAS, She was helped the last few years in Aurora by her
14 dear neighbors, Perline Hayden and Beth Standish; and
15     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid was preceded in death by her
16 husband, Frank Reid Jr., and her son, Edward T. Reid; and
17     WHEREAS, Charlotte Reid will be remembered and loved by her
18 daughters, State Representative Patricia (George) Reid Lindner
19 and Susan (Todd) Lewis; her son, Frank Reid; her grandchildren,
20 Tom (Stacy) Reid, Mike (Pepi) Linder, Jon (Karen) Lindner,
21 Brooks (Blueberry) Lindner, Courtney (Leather) Lindner Storrs,
22 Frank Reid, Stacy (Bill) Reid Tsozrapos, and Jonathon Lewis;



HR0073 - 4 - LRB095 09431 RLC 34162 r

1 and her thirteen great-grandchildren; therefore, be it
4 extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of
5 Charlotte Reid at this time of loss; may they find comfort and
6 peace; and be it further
7     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
8 presented to the family of Charlotte Reid as a symbol of our
9 sympathy and deepest respect.