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Full Text of HR1545  95th General Assembly



HR1545 LRB095 22589 GRL 52986 r


2     WHEREAS, On September 19, 2008, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr.,
3 the President of the Ecclesia Covenant Fellowship
4 International (E.C.F.I.), where he serves as an Apostolic
5 Covering for churches in the United States and Africa, was
6 consecrated to the office of Bishop by the Almighty God through
7 Archbishop Lawrence Langston and the Trans-Atlantic and
8 Pacific Alliances of Churches of England; and
9     WHEREAS, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. is a native of East St.
10 Louis; he is the second child of Pastor Henry and Mrs. Mae
11 Belle Phillips; and
12     WHEREAS, At the young age of 10, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr.
13 accepted God as his Lord and Savior; as a young man, he served
14 as a faithful worker within his local church and held several
15 leadership positions, including usher, choir director, adult
16 Sunday school teacher, Youth Ministry Coordinator in the
17 District Y.P.W.W., and State Minister of Music for the Illinois
18 S.E. Jurisdiction of the Churches of God in Christ; and
19     WHEREAS, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. studied theology at the
20 Christian Life School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia and
21 continued his ministry studies at the St. Louis Bible College
22 in St. Louis, Missouri; he then received his Doctorate of



HR1545 - 2 - LRB095 22589 GRL 52986 r

1 Religious Philosophy at the Tabernacle Bible College and
2 Seminary in Tampa, Florida; and
3     WHEREAS, In 1994, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. founded and
4 began the Pastorate of Power of Change Ministries; he presently
5 has reached a congregation of over 1,200 members, including the
6 Power of Change Christian Center's second location in Mount
7 Vernon; the ministry has stepped beyond the walls of the church
8 by purchasing a recreation center that will support the needs
9 of the community; and
10     WHEREAS, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. is a member of the
11 Joint Colleges of African American Pentecostal Bishops; he
12 serves as the Police Commissioner of Cahokia; he also serves as
13 a member of the Illinois State Treasurer Advisory Board; and
14     WHEREAS, In addition to his numerous civic duties, Bishop
15 Henry Phillips, Jr. has a number of certifications in Christian
16 counseling, marital and human behavioral counseling, church
17 growth, and leadership development; he is currently working on
18 his first book; and
19     WHEREAS, Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. is married to Dr.
20 Patricia Phillips; together, they have three sons, Rickey,
21 Demetric, and Corey; therefore, be it



HR1545 - 3 - LRB095 22589 GRL 52986 r

3 honor Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. on the occasion of becoming
4 consecrated to the office of Bishop and wish him luck in his
5 future endeavors; and be it further
6     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
7 presented to Bishop Henry Phillips, Jr. as a symbol of our
8 respect and esteem.