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Full Text of SB0340  95th General Assembly


Sen. Gary Forby

Filed: 3/13/2007





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 340 on page 2, by
3 replacing lines 10 through 17 with the following:
4 "follow-up services on substantiated cases.
5     A provider agency shall provide an emergency response
6 system to handle reports of alleged or suspected abuse or
7 neglect that places an eligible adult at imminent risk of
8 injury or death that are received during non-business hours, on
9 weekends, and on holidays. This requirement may be satisfied by
10 (i) using an on-call system or (ii) providing a local emergency
11 provider agency number for a local law enforcement agency to
12 call when, upon investigation, there is probable cause to
13 believe that the eligible adult is a victim of abuse or neglect
14 that has placed him or her at imminent risk of injury or death.
15 Referral procedures shall be defined by a Memorandum of
16 Understanding between the provider agency and the local law
17 enforcement agency. The Department shall maintain an
18 up-to-date listing of all provider agencies' on-call or



09500SB0340sam001 - 2 - LRB095 07142 DRJ 33480 a

1 emergency numbers.".