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Full Text of HB0693  96th General Assembly


Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee

Adopted in House Comm. on Mar 05, 2009





09600HB0693ham001 LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 693 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5 Stalking No Contact Order Act.
6     Section 5. Purpose. Stalking generally refers to a course
7 of conduct, not a single act. Stalking behavior includes
8 following a person, conducting surveillance of the person,
9 appearing at the person's home, work or school, making unwanted
10 phone calls, sending unwanted emails or text messages, leaving
11 objects for the person, vandalizing the person's property, or
12 injuring a pet. Stalking is a serious crime. Victims experience
13 fear for their safety, fear for the safety of others and suffer
14 emotional distress. Many victims alter their daily routines to
15 avoid the persons who are stalking them. Some victims are in
16 such fear that they relocate to another city, town or state.



09600HB0693ham001 - 2 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 While estimates suggest that 70% of victims know the
2 individuals stalking them, only 30% of victims have dated or
3 been in intimate relationships with their stalkers. All
4 stalking victims should be able to seek a civil remedy
5 requiring the offenders stay away from the victims and third
6 parties.
7     Section 10. Definitions. For the purposes of this Act:
8     "Course of conduct" means 2 or more acts, including but not
9 limited to acts in which a respondent directly, indirectly, or
10 through third parties, by any action, method, device, or means
11 follows, monitors, observes, surveils, threatens, or
12 communicates to or about, a person, engages in other contact,
13 or interferes with or damages a person's property or pet. A
14 course of conduct may include contact via electronic
15 communications. The incarceration of a person in a penal
16 institution who commits the course of conduct is not a bar to
17 prosecution under this section.
18     "Emotional distress" means significant mental suffering,
19 anxiety or alarm.
20     "Contact" includes any contact with the victim, that is
21 initiated or continued without the victim's consent, or that is
22 in disregard of the victim's expressed desire that the contact
23 be avoided or discontinued, including but not limited to being
24 in the physical presence of the victim; appearing within the
25 sight of the victim; approaching or confronting the victim in a



09600HB0693ham001 - 3 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 public place or on private property; appearing at the workplace
2 or residence of the victim; entering onto or remaining on
3 property owned, leased, or occupied by the victim; or placing
4 an object on, or delivering an object to, property owned,
5 leased, or occupied by the victim.
6     "Petitioner" means any named petitioner for the stalking no
7 contact order or any named victim of stalking on whose behalf
8 the petition is brought.
9     "Reasonable person" means a person in the petitioner's
10 circumstances with the petitioner's knowledge of the
11 respondent and the respondent's prior acts.
12     "Stalking" means engaging in a course of conduct directed
13 at a specific person, and he or she knows or should know that
14 this course of conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear
15 for his or her safety or the safety of a third person or suffer
16 emotional distress. Stalking does not include an exercise of
17 the right to free speech or assembly that is otherwise lawful
18 or picketing occurring at the workplace that is otherwise
19 lawful and arises out of a bona fide labor dispute, including
20 any controversy concerning wages, salaries, hours, working
21 conditions or benefits, including health and welfare, sick
22 leave, insurance, and pension or retirement provisions, the
23 making or maintaining of collective bargaining agreements, and
24 the terms to be included in those agreements.
25     "Stalking No Contact Order" means an emergency order or
26 plenary order granted under this Act, which includes a remedy



09600HB0693ham001 - 4 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 authorized by Section 80 of this Act.
2     Section 15. Persons protected by this Act. A petition for a
3 stalking no contact order may be filed when relief is not
4 available to the petitioner under the Illinois Domestic
5 Violence Act of 1986:
6         (1) by any person who is a victim of stalking; or
7         (2) by a person on behalf of a minor child or an adult
8     who is a victim of stalking but, because of age,
9     disability, health, or inaccessibility, cannot file the
10     petition.
11     Section 20. Commencement of action; filing fees.
12     (a) An action for a stalking no contact order is commenced:
13         (1) independently, by filing a petition for a stalking
14     no contact order in any civil court, unless specific courts
15     are designated by local rule or order; or
16         (2) in conjunction with a delinquency petition or a
17     criminal prosecution, by filing a petition for a stalking
18     no contact order under the same case number as the
19     delinquency petition or criminal prosecution, to be
20     granted during pre-trial release of a defendant, with any
21     dispositional order issued under Section 5-710 of the
22     Juvenile Court Act of 1987 or as a condition of release,
23     supervision, conditional discharge, probation, periodic
24     imprisonment, parole, or mandatory supervised release, or



09600HB0693ham001 - 5 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1     in conjunction with imprisonment or a bond forfeiture
2     warrant, provided that (i) the violation is alleged in an
3     information, complaint, indictment, or delinquency
4     petition on file and the alleged victim is a person
5     protected by this Act, and (ii) the petition, which is
6     filed by the State's Attorney, names a victim of the
7     alleged crime as a petitioner.
8     (b) Withdrawal or dismissal of any petition for a stalking
9 no contact order prior to adjudication where the petitioner is
10 represented by the State shall operate as a dismissal without
11 prejudice. No action for a stalking no contact order shall be
12 dismissed because the respondent is being prosecuted for a
13 crime against the petitioner. For any action commenced under
14 item (2) of subsection (a) of this Section, dismissal of the
15 conjoined case (or a finding of not guilty) shall not require
16 dismissal of the action for a stalking no contact order;
17 instead, it may be treated as an independent action and, if
18 necessary and appropriate, transferred to a different court or
19 division.
20     (c) No fee shall be charged by the clerk of the court for
21 filing petitions or modifying or certifying orders. No fee
22 shall be charged by the sheriff for service by the sheriff of a
23 petition, rule, motion, or order in an action commenced under
24 this Section.
25     (d) The court shall provide, through the office of the
26 clerk of the court, simplified forms for filing of a petition



09600HB0693ham001 - 6 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 under this Section by any person not represented by counsel.
2     Section 25. Pleading; non-disclosure of address.
3     (a) A petition for a stalking no contact order shall be in
4 writing and verified or accompanied by affidavit and shall
5 allege that the petitioner has been the victim of stalking by
6 the respondent.
7     (b) If the petition states that disclosure of the
8 petitioner's address would risk abuse of the petitioner or any
9 member of the petitioner's family or household, that address
10 may be omitted from all documents filed with the court. If the
11 petitioner has not disclosed an address under this subsection,
12 the petitioner shall designate an alternative address at which
13 the respondent may serve notice of any motions.
14     Section 30. Application of rules of civil procedure; victim
15 advocates.
16     (a) Any proceeding to obtain, modify, reopen or appeal a
17 stalking no contact order shall be governed by the rules of
18 civil procedure of this State. The standard of proof in such a
19 proceeding is proof by a preponderance of the evidence. The
20 Code of Civil Procedure and Supreme Court and local court rules
21 applicable to civil proceedings shall apply, except as
22 otherwise provided by this Act.
23     (b) In circuit courts, victim advocates shall be allowed to
24 accompany the petitioner and confer with the petitioner, unless



09600HB0693ham001 - 7 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 otherwise directed by the court. Court administrators shall
2 allow victim advocates to assist victims of stalking in the
3 preparation of petitions for stalking no contact orders. Victim
4 advocates are not engaged in the unauthorized practice of law
5 when providing assistance of the types specified in this
6 subsection (b).
7     Section 35. Appointment of counsel. The court may appoint
8 counsel to represent the petitioner if the respondent is
9 represented by counsel.
10     Section 40. Trial by jury. There shall be no right to trial
11 by jury in any proceeding to obtain, modify, vacate or extend
12 any stalking no contact order under this Act. However, nothing
13 in this Section shall deny any existing right to trial by jury
14 in a criminal proceeding.
15     Section 45. Subject matter jurisdiction. Each of the
16 circuit courts has the power to issue stalking no contact
17 orders.
18     Section 50. Jurisdiction over persons. The courts of this
19 State have jurisdiction to bind (1) State residents and (2)
20 non-residents having minimum contacts with this State, to the
21 extent permitted by the long-arm statute, Section 2-209 of the
22 Code of Civil Procedure.



09600HB0693ham001 - 8 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1     Section 55. Venue. A petition for a stalking no contact
2 order may be filed in any county where (1) the petitioner
3 resides, (2) the respondent resides, or (3) one or more acts of
4 the alleged stalking occurred.
5     Section 60. Process.
6     (a) Any action for a stalking no contact order requires
7 that a separate summons be issued and served. The summons shall
8 be in the form prescribed by Supreme Court Rule 101(d), except
9 that it shall require the respondent to answer or appear within
10 7 days. Attachments to the summons or notice shall include the
11 petition for stalking no contact order and supporting
12 affidavits, if any, and any emergency stalking no contact order
13 that has been issued.
14     (b) The summons shall be served by the sheriff or other law
15 enforcement officer at the earliest time and shall take
16 precedence over other summonses except those of a similar
17 emergency nature. Special process servers may be appointed at
18 any time, and their designation shall not affect the
19 responsibilities and authority of the sheriff or other official
20 process servers.
21     (c) Service of process on a member of the respondent's
22 household or by publication shall be adequate if: (1) the
23 petitioner has made all reasonable efforts to accomplish actual
24 service of process personally upon the respondent, but the



09600HB0693ham001 - 9 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 respondent cannot be found to effect such service; and (2) the
2 petitioner files an affidavit or presents sworn testimony as to
3 those efforts.
4     (d) A plenary stalking no contact order may be entered by
5 default for the remedy sought in the petition, if the
6 respondent has been served or given notice in accordance with
7 subsection (a) and if the respondent then fails to appear as
8 directed or fails to appear on any subsequent appearance or
9 hearing date agreed to by the parties or set by the court.
10     Section 65. Service of notice of hearings. Except as
11 provided in Section 60, notice of hearings on petitions or
12 motions shall be served in accordance with Supreme Court Rules
13 11 and 12, unless notice is excused by Section 100 of this Act
14 or by the Code of Civil Procedure, Supreme Court Rules, or
15 local rules.
16     Section 70. Hearings. A petition for a stalking no contact
17 order shall be treated as an expedited proceeding, and no court
18 may transfer or otherwise decline to decide all or part of such
19 petition. Nothing in this Section shall prevent the court from
20 reserving issues if jurisdiction or notice requirements are not
21 met.
22     Section 75. Continuances.
23     (a) Petitions for emergency remedies shall be granted or



09600HB0693ham001 - 10 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 denied in accordance with the standards of Section 100,
2 regardless of the respondent's appearance or presence in court.
3     (b) Any action for a stalking no contact order is an
4 expedited proceeding. Continuances shall be granted only for
5 good cause shown and kept to the minimum reasonable duration,
6 taking into account the reasons for the continuance.
7     Section 80. Stalking no contact orders; remedies.
8     (a) If the court finds that the petitioner has been a
9 victim of stalking, a stalking no contact order shall issue;
10 provided that the petitioner must also satisfy the requirements
11 of Section 95 on emergency orders or Section 100 on plenary
12 orders. The petitioner shall not be denied a stalking no
13 contact order because the petitioner or the respondent is a
14 minor. The court, when determining whether or not to issue a
15 stalking no contact order, may not require physical injury on
16 the person of the petitioner. Modification and extension of
17 prior stalking no contact orders shall be in accordance with
18 this Act.
19     (b) A stalking no contact order shall order one or more of
20 the following:
21         (1) prohibit the respondent from threatening to commit
22     or committing stalking;
23         (2) order the respondent not to have any contact with
24     the petitioner or a third person specifically named by the
25     court;



09600HB0693ham001 - 11 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1         (3) prohibit the respondent from knowingly coming
2     within, or knowingly remaining within a specified distance
3     of the petitioner or the petitioner's residence, school,
4     daycare, or place of employment, or any specified place
5     frequented by the petitioner; however, the court may order
6     the respondent to stay away from the respondent's own
7     residence, school, or place of employment only if the
8     respondent has been provided actual notice of the
9     opportunity to appear and be heard on the petition;
10         (4) prohibit the respondent from possessing a Firearm
11     Owners Identification Card, or possessing or buying
12     firearms; and
13         (5) order other injunctive relief the court determines
14     to be necessary to protect the petitioner or third party
15     specifically named by the court.
16     (c) The court may award the petitioner costs and attorneys
17 fees if a stalking no contact order is granted.
18     (d) Monetary damages are not recoverable as a remedy.
19     Section 85. Mutual stalking no contact orders are
20 prohibited. Correlative separate orders undermine the purposes
21 of this Act. If separate orders are sought, both must comply
22 with all provisions of this Act.
23     Section 90. Accountability for actions of others. For the
24 purposes of issuing a stalking no contact order, deciding what



09600HB0693ham001 - 12 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 remedies should be included and enforcing the order, Article 5
2 of the Criminal Code of 1961 shall govern whether respondent is
3 legally accountable for the conduct of another person.
4     Section 95. Emergency stalking no contact order.
5     (a) An emergency stalking no contact order shall issue if
6 the petitioner satisfies the requirements of this subsection
7 (a). The petitioner shall establish that:
8         (1) the court has jurisdiction under Section 50;
9         (2) the requirements of Section 80 are satisfied; and
10         (3) there is good cause to grant the remedy, regardless
11     of prior service of process or of notice upon the
12     respondent, because the harm which that remedy is intended
13     to prevent would be likely to occur if the respondent were
14     given any prior notice, or greater notice than was actually
15     given, of the petitioner's efforts to obtain judicial
16     relief.
17     An emergency stalking no contact order shall be issued by
18 the court if it appears from the contents of the petition and
19 the examination of the petitioner that the averments are
20 sufficient to indicate stalking by the respondent and to
21 support the granting of relief under the issuance of the
22 stalking no contact order.
23     An emergency stalking no contact order shall be issued if
24 the court finds that items (1), (2), and (3) of this subsection
25 (a) are met.



09600HB0693ham001 - 13 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1     (b) If the respondent appears in court for this hearing for
2 an emergency order, he or she may elect to file a general
3 appearance and testify. Any resulting order may be an emergency
4 order, governed by this Section. Notwithstanding the
5 requirements of this Section, if all requirements of Section
6 100 have been met, the court may issue a plenary order.
7     (c) Emergency orders; court holidays and evenings.
8         (1) When the court is unavailable at the close of
9     business, the petitioner may file a petition for a 21-day
10     emergency order before any available circuit judge or
11     associate judge who may grant relief under this Act. If the
12     judge finds that there is an immediate and present danger
13     of abuse against the petitioner and that the petitioner has
14     satisfied the prerequisites set forth in subsection (a),
15     that judge may issue an emergency stalking no contact
16     order.
17         (2) The chief judge of the circuit court may designate
18     for each county in the circuit at least one judge to be
19     reasonably available to issue orally, by telephone, by
20     facsimile, or otherwise, an emergency stalking no contact
21     order at all times, whether or not the court is in session.
22         (3) Any order issued under this Section and any
23     documentation in support of the order shall be certified on
24     the next court day to the appropriate court. The clerk of
25     that court shall immediately assign a case number, file the
26     petition, order, and other documents with the court, and



09600HB0693ham001 - 14 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1     enter the order of record and file it with the sheriff for
2     service, in accordance with Section 60. Filing the petition
3     shall commence proceedings for further relief under
4     Section 20. Failure to comply with the requirements of this
5     paragraph (3) does not affect the validity of the order.
6     Section 100. Plenary stalking no contact order. A plenary
7 stalking no contact order shall issue if the petitioner has
8 served notice of the hearing for that order on the respondent,
9 in accordance with Section 65, and satisfies the requirements
10 of this Section. The petitioner must establish that:
11         (1) the court has jurisdiction under Section 50;
12         (2) the requirements of Section 80 are satisfied;
13         (3) a general appearance was made or filed by or for
14     the respondent or process was served on the respondent in
15     the manner required by Section 60; and
16         (4) the respondent has answered or is in default.
17     Section 105. Duration and extension of orders.
18     (a) Unless re-opened or extended or voided by entry of an
19 order of greater duration, an emergency order shall be
20 effective for not less than 14 nor more than 21 days.
21     (b) Except as otherwise provided in this Section, a plenary
22 stalking no contact order shall be effective for a fixed period
23 of time, not to exceed 2 years. A plenary stalking no contact
24 order entered in conjunction with a criminal prosecution shall



09600HB0693ham001 - 15 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 remain in effect as follows:
2         (1) if entered during pre-trial release, until
3     disposition, withdrawal, or dismissal of the underlying
4     charge; if however, the case is continued as an independent
5     cause of action, the order's duration may be for a fixed
6     period of time not to exceed 2 years;
7         (2) if in effect in conjunction with a bond forfeiture
8     warrant, until final disposition or an additional period of
9     time not exceeding 2 years; no stalking no contact order,
10     however, shall be terminated by a dismissal that is
11     accompanied by the issuance of a bond forfeiture warrant;
12         (3) permanent if a judgment of conviction for stalking
13     is entered.
14     (c) Any emergency or plenary order may be extended one or
15 more times, as required, provided that the requirements of
16 Section 95 or 100, as appropriate, are satisfied. If the motion
17 for extension is uncontested and the petitioner seeks no
18 modification of the order, the order may be extended on the
19 basis of the petitioner's motion or affidavit stating that
20 there has been no material change in relevant circumstances
21 since entry of the order and stating the reason for the
22 requested extension. Extensions may be granted only in open
23 court and not under the provisions of subsection (c) of Section
24 95, which applies only when the court is unavailable at the
25 close of business or on a court holiday.
26     (d) Any stalking no contact order which would expire on a



09600HB0693ham001 - 16 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 court holiday shall instead expire at the close of the next
2 court business day.
3     (e) The practice of dismissing or suspending a criminal
4 prosecution in exchange for the issuance of a stalking no
5 contact order undermines the purposes of this Act. This Section
6 shall not be construed as encouraging that practice.
7     Section 110. Contents of orders.
8     (a) Any stalking no contact order shall describe each
9 remedy granted by the court, in reasonable detail and not by
10 reference to any other document, so that the respondent may
11 clearly understand what he or she must do or refrain from
12 doing.
13     (b) A stalking no contact order shall further state the
14 following:
15         (1) The name of each petitioner that the court finds
16     was the victim of stalking by the respondent.
17         (2) The date and time the stalking no contact order was
18     issued, whether it is an emergency or plenary order, and
19     the duration of the order.
20         (3) The date, time, and place for any scheduled hearing
21     for extension of that stalking no contact order or for
22     another order of greater duration or scope.
23         (4) For each remedy in an emergency stalking no contact
24     order, the reason for entering that remedy without prior
25     notice to the respondent or greater notice than was



09600HB0693ham001 - 17 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1     actually given.
2         (5) For emergency stalking no contact orders, that the
3     respondent may petition the court, in accordance with
4     Section 120, to reopen the order if he or she did not
5     receive actual prior notice of the hearing as required
6     under Section 65 of this Act and if the respondent alleges
7     that he or she had a meritorious defense to the order or
8     that the order or its remedy is not authorized by this Act.
9     (c) A stalking no contact order shall include the following
10 notice, printed in conspicuous type: "An initial knowing
11 violation of a stalking no contact order is a Class A
12 misdemeanor. Any second or subsequent knowing violation is a
13 Class 4 felony."
14     Section 115. Notice of orders.
15     (a) Upon issuance of any stalking no contact order, the
16 clerk shall immediately, or on the next court day if an
17 emergency order is issued in accordance with subsection (c) of
18 Section 95:
19         (1) enter the order on the record and file it in
20     accordance with the circuit court procedures; and
21         (2) provide a file stamped copy of the order to the
22     respondent, if present, and to the petitioner.
23     (b) The clerk of the issuing judge shall, or the petitioner
24 may, on the same day that a stalking no contact order is
25 issued, file a certified copy of that order with the sheriff or



09600HB0693ham001 - 18 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 other law enforcement officials charged with maintaining
2 Department of State Police records or charged with serving the
3 order upon the respondent. If the order was issued in
4 accordance with subsection (c) of Section 95, the clerk shall,
5 on the next court day, file a certified copy of the order with
6 the Sheriff or other law enforcement officials charged with
7 maintaining Department of State Police records.
8     (c) Unless the respondent was present in court when the
9 order was issued, the sheriff, other law enforcement official,
10 or special process server shall promptly serve that order upon
11 the respondent and file proof of such service in the manner
12 provided for service of process in civil proceedings. If
13 process has not yet been served upon the respondent, it shall
14 be served with the order or short form notification.
15     (d) If the person against whom the stalking no contact
16 order is issued is arrested and the written order is issued in
17 accordance with subsection (c) of Section 95 and received by
18 the custodial law enforcement agency before the respondent or
19 arrestee is released from custody, the custodial law
20 enforcement agent shall promptly serve the order upon the
21 respondent or arrestee before the respondent or arrestee is
22 released from custody. In no event shall detention of the
23 respondent or arrestee be extended for hearing on the petition
24 for stalking no contact order or receipt of the order issued
25 under Section 95 of this Act.
26     (e) Any order extending, modifying, or revoking any



09600HB0693ham001 - 19 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 stalking no contact order shall be promptly recorded, issued,
2 and served as provided in this Section.
3     (f) Upon the request of the petitioner, within 24 hours of
4 the issuance of a stalking no contact order, the clerk of the
5 issuing judge shall send written notice of the order along with
6 a certified copy of the order to any school, daycare, college,
7 or university at which the petitioner is enrolled.
8     Section 120. Modification; reopening of orders.
9     (a) Except as otherwise provided in this Section, upon
10 motion by the petitioner, the court may modify an emergency or
11 plenary stalking no contact order by altering the remedy,
12 subject to Section 80.
13     (b) After 30 days following entry of a plenary stalking no
14 contact order, a court may modify that order only when a change
15 in the applicable law or facts since that plenary order was
16 entered warrants a modification of its terms.
17     (c) Upon 2 days' notice to the petitioner, or such shorter
18 notice as the court may prescribe, a respondent subject to an
19 emergency stalking no contact order issued under this Act may
20 appear and petition the court to rehear the original or amended
21 petition. Any petition to rehear shall be verified and shall
22 allege the following:
23         (1) that the respondent did not receive prior notice of
24     the initial hearing in which the emergency order was
25     entered under Sections 65 and 95; and



09600HB0693ham001 - 20 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1          (2) that the respondent had a meritorious defense to
2     the order or any of its remedies or that the order or any
3     of its remedies was not authorized by this Act.
4     Section 125. Violation. An initial knowing violation of a
5 stalking no contact order is a Class A misdemeanor. A second or
6 subsequent knowing violation is a Class 4 felony.
7     Section 130. Arrest without warrant.
8     (a) Any law enforcement officer may make an arrest without
9 warrant if the officer has probable cause to believe that the
10 person has committed or is committing a violation of a stalking
11 no contact order.
12     (b) The law enforcement officer may verify the existence of
13 a stalking no contact order by telephone or radio communication
14 with his or her law enforcement agency or by referring to the
15 copy of the order provided by the petitioner or the respondent.
16     Section 135. Data maintenance by law enforcement agencies.
17     (a) All sheriffs shall furnish to the Department of State
18 Police, on the same day as received, in the form and detail the
19 Department requires, copies of any recorded emergency or
20 plenary stalking no contact orders issued by the court and
21 transmitted to the sheriff by the clerk of the court in
22 accordance with subsection (b) of Section 115 of this Act. Each
23 stalking no contact order shall be entered in the Law



09600HB0693ham001 - 21 - LRB096 06021 RLC 22983 a

1 Enforcement Agencies Data System on the same day it is issued
2 by the court. If an emergency stalking no contact order was
3 issued in accordance with subsection (c) of Section 100, the
4 order shall be entered in the Law Enforcement Agencies Data
5 System as soon as possible after receipt from the clerk of the
6 court.
7     (b) The Department of State Police shall maintain a
8 complete and systematic record and index of all valid and
9 recorded stalking no contact orders issued under this Act. The
10 data shall be used to inform all dispatchers and law
11 enforcement officers at the scene of an alleged incident of
12 stalking or violation of a stalking no contact order of any
13 recorded prior incident of stalking involving the petitioner
14 and the effective dates and terms of any recorded stalking no
15 contact order.".