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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to recognize State Representative
4Bob Biggins for his services and hard work on behalf of the
5people of the State of Illinois; and
6    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins was first elected in
71992 to serve the people of the 78th District; after the 2001
8remap of the State, he began representing the 41st district,
9which includes portions of Berkeley, Brookfield, Elmhurst,
10Hillside, La Grange Park, Lombard, Oak Brook, Villa Park,
11Riverside, North Riverside, Broadview, Western Springs,
12Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Northlake, Oakbrook, Terrace,
13Westmont, and Westchester; and
14    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins served as the Assessor
15of Addison Township from 1973 until 1977, and serves on the
16Board of Directors of the Suburban Bank of Elmhurst since 1975,
17and was Chairman of the Board from 1983 until 1984; and
18    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins has become well-known
19to his colleagues as an advocate for stroke victims and greater
20consciousness of the importance of this public health issue;
21stroke patients frequently find themselves wasting precious
22time in emergency rooms due to the failure by emergency



HR1562- 2 -LRB096 24355 KXB 43933 r

1responders and medical personnel to recognize stroke symptoms,
2and due to the lack of medical resources necessary for urgent,
3effective stroke treatment; and
4    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins had a significant
5achievement with the passage of legislation creating the
6establishment of an EMS regional plan concerning the treatment
7and transport of possible acute stroke patients and reduction
8of these problems; and
9    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins has constantly worked
10as a public servant to Illinois families, introducing
11legislation to strengthen existing child pornography laws and
12create stronger punishments for individuals who are in
13possession of or has filmed child pornography videos; and
14    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins' knowledge of fiscal
15areas has made him a financial and appropriations leader in the
16Illinois General Assembly, helping to pass infrastructure
17improvement bills and introducing legislation to roll back the
18highest sales tax in the nation in Cook County; and
19    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins has a notable record of
20having an input on property tax and assessment matters, having
21been instrumental in the passage of Cook County and downstate
22property tax caps and property assessment reforms that include



HR1562- 3 -LRB096 24355 KXB 43933 r

1expansion of the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board to Cook
2County; and
3    WHEREAS, Representative Bob Biggins' committee assignments
4included Aging, Appropriations for General Services,
5Executive, Financial Institutions, Mass Transit, Revenue and
6Finance, the Subcommittee on Sales and Other Taxes, and Tollway
7Oversight; and
8    WHEREAS, Representative Biggins was born on October 20,
91946 in Oak Park, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from
10Northeastern University in 1969, and with his wife, Judy, have
112 children and 7 grandchildren; therefore, be it
14congratulate Representative Bob Biggins on his retirement from
15the Illinois House of Representatives and wish him the best in
16his future endeavors; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
18presented to State Representative Bob Biggins as a symbol of
19our respect and esteem.