Executive Committee

Filed: 4/27/2010





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 375 by replacing
3 line 22 on page 3 through line 19 on page 4 with the following:
4     "(c) The chief procurement officer shall file a proposed
5 extension or renewal of a contract with the Procurement Policy
6 Board prior to entering into extension or renewal if the total
7 value of the initial terms and all proposed extended or renewed
8 terms of the contract exceeds $249,999. The Procurement Policy
9 Board may object to the proposed extension or renewal within 30
10 calendar days and require a hearing before the Board prior to
11 entering into the extension or renewal. If the Procurement
12 Policy Board does not object within 30 calendar days, the chief
13 procurement office may enter into the extension or renewal of a
14 contract. This subsection does not apply to any emergency
15 procurement, any procurement under Article 40, or any
16 procurement exempted by Section 1-10(b) of this Code. If any
17 State agency contract is paid for in whole or in part with



09600SB0375ham001 - 2 - LRB096 06407 RCE 40680 a

1 federal-aid funds, grants, or loans and the provisions of this
2 subsection would result in the loss of those federal-aid funds,
3 grants, or loans, then the contract is exempt from the
4 provisions of this subsection in order to remain eligible for
5 those federal-aid funds, grants, or loans, and the State agency
6 shall file notice of this exemption with the Procurement Policy
7 Board prior to entering into the proposed extension or renewal.
8 Nothing in this subsection permits a chief procurement officer
9 to enter into an extension or renewal in violation of
10 subsection (a). By August 1 each year, the Procurement Policy
11 Board shall file a report with the General Assembly identifying
12 for the previous fiscal year (i) the proposed extensions or
13 renewals that were filed with the Board and whether the Board
14 objected and (ii) the contracts exempt from this subsection.".