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Full Text of SB1905  96th General Assembly


State Government Administration Committee

Filed: 5/6/2009





09600SB1905ham002 LRB096 11268 RPM 25348 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1905 on page 58, by
3 replacing lines 2 through 10 with the following:
4     "(15) Establish a separate set of rules and guidelines for
5 long-term care that recognizes that nursing homes are a
6 different business line and service model from other regulated
7 facilities. An open and transparent process shall be developed
8 that considers the following: how skilled nursing fits in the
9 continuum of care with other care providers, modernization of
10 nursing homes, establishment of more private rooms,
11 development of alternative services, and current trends in
12 long-term care services. The Chairman of the Board shall
13 appoint a permanent Health Services Review Board Long-term Care
14 Facility Advisory Subcommittee that shall develop and
15 recommend to the Board the rules to be established by the Board
16 under this paragraph (15). The Subcommittee shall also provide
17 continuous review and commentary on policies and procedures
18 relative to long-term care and the review of related projects.



09600SB1905ham002 - 2 - LRB096 11268 RPM 25348 a

1 In consultation with other experts from the health field of
2 long-term care, the Board and the Subcommittee shall study new
3 approaches to the current bed need formula and Health Service
4 Area boundaries to encourage flexibility and innovation in
5 design models reflective of the changing long-term care
6 marketplace and consumer preferences. The Board shall file the
7 proposed related administrative rules for the separate rules
8 and guidelines for long-term care required by this paragraph
9 (15) by September 1, 2010. The Subcommittee shall be provided a
10 reasonable and timely opportunity to review and comment on any
11 review, revision, or updating of the criteria, standards,
12 procedures, and rules used to evaluate project applications as
13 provided under Section 12.3 of this Act prior to approval by
14 the Board and promulgation of related rules.".