State of Illinois
2011 and 2012


Introduced 2/24/2011, by Rep. Harry Osterman


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    Amends the Property Tax Code. Provides that municipalities and counties may establish green energy special service areas. Provides that those green energy special service areas shall include only property for which each owner of record has executed a contract or agreement with the county or municipality consenting to the inclusion of the property within the green energy special service area. Provides that green energy special service areas are not subject to certain notice and hearing requirements set forth in the Property Tax Code. Provides that the owner of record of each parcel of property within a green energy special service area may arrange, through an agreement with the municipality or county, for specific energy efficiency improvements or renewable energy improvements and may obtain financing for such improvements through the process set forth in the ordinance establishing the special service area. Provides that counties and municipalities may levy property taxes in connection with green energy special service areas. Provides that counties and municipalities may issue bonds in connection with those special service area projects and may sell, assign, or pledge those bonds to the Illinois Finance Authority. Amends the Illinois Finance Authority Act to make conforming changes. Contains other provisions. Effective immediately.

LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b






HB3600LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    AN ACT concerning revenue.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Illinois Finance Authority Act is amended by
5changing Sections 820-10, 820-20, and 820-25 and by adding
6Section 820-37 as follows:
7    (20 ILCS 3501/820-10)
8    Sec. 820-10. Definitions. The following words or terms,
9whenever used or referred to in this Article, shall have the
10following meanings ascribed to them, except where the context
11clearly requires otherwise:
12    (a) "Department" means the Illinois Department of Commerce
13and Economic Opportunity.
14    (b) "Unit of local government" means any unit of local
15government, as defined in Article VII, Section 1 of the 1970
16State Constitution and any local public entity as that term is
17defined by the Local Governmental and Governmental Employees
18Tort Immunity Act and also includes the State and any
19instrumentality, office, officer, department, division,
20bureau, commission, college or university thereof.
21    (c) "Energy conservation project" means any improvement,
22repair, alteration or betterment of any building or facility or
23any equipment, fixture or furnishing including its energy using



HB3600- 2 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1mechanical devices to be added to or used in any building or
2facility that the Director of the Department has certified to
3the Authority will be a cost-effective energy-related project
4that will lower energy or utility costs in connection with the
5operation or maintenance of such building or facility, and will
6achieve energy cost savings sufficient to cover bond debt
7service and other project costs within 20 10 years from the
8date of project installation.
9    (d) "Green special service area project" means any energy
10efficiency improvement, renewable energy improvement, or water
11use improvement as such terms are defined in Section 27-5 of
12the Special Service Area Tax Law.
13(Source: P.A. 93-205, eff. 1-1-04.)
14    (20 ILCS 3501/820-20)
15    Sec. 820-20. Powers and Duties; Illinois Local Government
16Financing Assistance Program. The Authority has the power:
17    (a) To purchase from time to time pursuant to negotiated
18sale or to otherwise acquire from time to time any local
19government securities issued by one or more units of local
20government upon such terms and conditions as the Authority may
22    (b) To issue bonds in one or more series pursuant to one or
23more resolutions of the Authority for any purpose authorized
24under this Article, including without limitation purchasing or
25acquiring local government securities, providing for the



HB3600- 3 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1payment of any interest deemed necessary on such bonds, paying
2for the cost of issuance of such bonds, providing for the
3payment of the cost of any guarantees, letters of credit,
4insurance contracts or other similar credit support or
5liquidity instruments, or providing for the funding of any
6reserves deemed necessary in connection with such bonds and
7refunding or advance refunding of any such bonds and the
8interest and any premium thereon, pursuant to this Act;
9    (c) To provide for the funding of any reserves or other
10funds or accounts deemed necessary by the Authority in
11connection with any bonds issued by the Authority or local
12government securities purchased or otherwise acquired by the
14    (d) To pledge any local government security, including any
15payments thereon, and any other funds of the Authority or funds
16made available to the Authority which may be applied to such
17purpose, as security for any bonds or any guarantees, letters
18of credit, insurance contracts or similar credit support or
19liquidity instruments securing the bonds;
20    (e) To enter into agreements or contracts with third
21parties, whether public or private, including without
22limitation the United States of America, the State, or any
23department or agency thereof to obtain any appropriations,
24grants, loans or guarantees which are deemed necessary or
25desirable by the Authority. Any such guarantee, agreement or
26contract may contain terms and provisions necessary or



HB3600- 4 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1desirable in connection with the program, subject to the
2requirements established by this Article;
3    (f) To charge reasonable fees to defray the cost of
4obtaining letters of credit, insurance contracts or other
5similar documents, and to charge such other reasonable fees to
6defray the cost of trustees, depositories, paying agents, bond
7registrars, escrow agents and other administrative expenses.
8Any such fees shall be payable by units of local government
9whose local government securities are purchased or otherwise
10acquired by the Authority pursuant to this Article, in such
11amounts and at such times as the Authority shall determine, and
12the amount of the fees need not be uniform among the various
13units of local government whose local government securities are
14purchased or otherwise acquired by the Authority pursuant to
15this Article;
16    (g) To obtain and maintain guarantees, letters of credit,
17insurance contracts or similar credit support or liquidity
18instruments which are deemed necessary or desirable in
19connection with any bonds or other obligations of the Authority
20or any local government securities;
21    (h) To establish application fees and other service fees
22and prescribe application, notification, contract, agreement,
23security and insurance forms and rules and regulations it deems
24necessary or appropriate;
25    (i) To provide technical assistance, at the request of any
26unit of local government, with respect to the financing or



HB3600- 5 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1refinancing for any public purpose. In fulfillment of this
2purpose, the Authority may request assistance from the
3Department as necessary; any unit of local government that is
4experiencing either a financial emergency as defined in the
5Local Government Financial Planning and Supervision Act or a
6condition of fiscal crisis evidenced by an impaired ability to
7obtain financing for its public purpose projects from
8traditional financial channels or impaired ability to fully
9fund its obligations to fire, police and municipal employee
10pension funds, or to bond payments or reserves, may request
11technical assistance from the Authority in the form of a
12diagnostic evaluation of its financial condition;
13    (j) To purchase any obligations of the Authority issued
14pursuant to this Article;
15    (k) To sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of local
16government securities purchased or otherwise acquired by the
17Authority pursuant to this Article, including without
18limitation, the sale, transfer or other disposition of
19undivided fractionalized interests in the right to receive
20payments of principal and premium, if any, or the right to
21receive payments of interest or the right to receive payments
22of principal of and premium, if any, and interest on pools of
23such local government securities;
24    (l) To acquire, purchase, lease, sell, transfer and
25otherwise dispose of real and personal property, or any
26interest therein, and to issue its bonds and enter into leases,



HB3600- 6 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1contracts and other agreements with units of local government
2in connection with such acquisitions, purchases, leases, sales
3and other dispositions of such real and personal property;
4    (m) To make loans to banks, savings and loans and other
5financial institutions for the purpose of purchasing or
6otherwise acquiring local government securities, and to issue
7its bonds, and enter into agreements and contracts in
8connection with such loans;
9    (n) To enter into agreements or contracts with any person
10necessary or appropriate to place the payment obligations of
11the Authority under any of its bonds in whole or in part on any
12interest rate basis, cash flow basis, or other basis desired by
13the Authority, including without limitation agreements or
14contracts commonly known as "interest rate swap agreements",
15"forward payment conversion agreements", and "futures", or
16agreements or contracts to exchange cash flows or a series of
17payments, or agreements or contracts, including without
18limitation agreements or contracts commonly known as
19"options", "puts" or "calls", to hedge payment, rate spread, or
20similar exposure; provided, that any such agreement or contract
21shall not constitute an obligation for borrowed money, and
22shall not be taken into account under Section 845-5 of this Act
23or any other debt limit of the Authority or the State of
25    (o) To make and enter into all other agreements and
26contracts and execute all instruments necessary or incidental



HB3600- 7 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1to performance of its duties and the execution of its powers
2under this Article;
3    (p) To contract for and finance the costs of energy audits,
4project-specific engineering and design specifications, and
5any other related analyses preliminary to an energy
6conservation project; and, to contract for and finance the cost
7of project monitoring and data collection to verify
8post-installation energy consumption and energy-related
9operating costs. Any such contract shall be executed only after
10it has been jointly negotiated by the Authority and the
11Department; and
12    (p-5) To purchase special service area bonds and to accept
13assignments or pledges, or both, of special service area bonds
14or agreements relating to public and private green special
15service area projects, which authority shall be liberally
16construed; and
17    (q) To exercise such other powers as are necessary or
18incidental to the foregoing.
19(Source: P.A. 93-205, eff. 1-1-04.)
20    (20 ILCS 3501/820-25)
21    Sec. 820-25. Unit of Local Government Participation. Any
22unit of local government is authorized to voluntarily
23participate in this program. Any unit of local government which
24is authorized to issue, sell and deliver its local government
25securities under any provision of the Constitution or laws of



HB3600- 8 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1the State may issue, sell and deliver such local government
2securities to the Authority under this Article; provided that
3and notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary,
4any such unit of local government may issue and sell any such
5local government security at any interest rate or rates, which
6rate or rates may be established by an index or formula which
7may be implemented by persons appointed or retained for those
8purposes therefor, payable at such time or times, and at such
9price or prices to which the unit of local government and the
10Authority may agree. Any unit of local government may pay any
11amount charged by the Authority pursuant to this Article. Any
12unit of local government participating in this program may pay
13out of the proceeds of its local government securities or out
14of any other moneys or funds available to it for such purposes
15any costs, fees, interest deemed necessary, premium or reserves
16incurred or required for financing or refinancing this program,
17including without limitation any fees charged by the Authority
18pursuant to this Article and its share, as determined by the
19Authority, of any costs, fees, interest deemed necessary,
20premium or reserves incurred or required pursuant to Section
21820-20 of this Act. All local government securities purchased
22or otherwise acquired by the Authority pursuant to this Act
23shall upon delivery to the Authority be accompanied by an
24approving opinion of bond counsel as to the validity of such
25securities. The Authority shall have discretion to purchase or
26otherwise acquire those local government securities, as it



HB3600- 9 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1shall deem to be in the best interest of its financing program
2for all units of local government taken as a whole. Any unit of
3local government with the authority in connection with green
4special service area projects to provide special service area
5financing under the Special Service Area Tax Law is authorized
6to issue special service area bonds and sell or assign the
7bonds to the Authority or to assign or pledge special service
8area bonds or agreements, or both, to the Authority.
9(Source: P.A. 93-205, eff. 1-1-04.)
10    (20 ILCS 3501/820-37 new)
11    Sec. 820-37. Unit of local government participation;
12bonds. The Authority may assist units of local government by
13establishing and implementing a program to issue its bonds
14secured by special service area agreements assigned or pledged
15to the Authority by the local governments so as to provide
16financing for green special service area projects. The bonds
17shall not constitute an indebtedness or obligation of the State
18and it shall be plainly stated on the face of each bond that it
19does not constitute an indebtedness or obligation but is
20payable solely from the revenues, income, or other assets of
21the Authority that are pledged.
22    Section 10. The Property Tax Code is amended by changing
23Section 27-5 and by adding Section 27-97 as follows:



HB3600- 10 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    (35 ILCS 200/27-5)
2    Sec. 27-5. Short title; definitions. This Article may be
3cited as the Special Service Area Tax Law.
4    When used in this Article:
5    "Energy efficiency improvement" means any installation,
6modification, or replacement that reduces energy consumption
7in any residential, commercial or industrial building,
8structure, or other facility, including, but not limited to,
9all of the following:
10        (1) insulation in walls, roofs, floors, foundations,
11    and heating and cooling distribution systems;
12        (2) storm windows and doors, multiglazed windows and
13    doors, heat-absorbing or heat-reflective glazed and coated
14    window and door systems, additional glazing, reductions in
15    glass area, and other window and door system modifications;
16        (3) automatic energy control systems;
17        (4) high efficiency furnaces, lighting fixtures,
18    ventilating, or air conditioning and distribution systems;
19        (5) caulking and weather-stripping;
20        (6) facilities, improvements, or systems to bring
21    natural daylight into buildings; and
22        (7) any other installation, modification, replacement,
23    facility, improvement, rehabilitation, repair, or
24    remodeling that has the effect of reducing energy
25    consumption.
26    "Green special service area" means a special service area



HB3600- 11 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1created pursuant to Section 27-97 of this Act for the purpose
2of providing special services that are energy efficiency
3improvements, renewable energy improvements, water use
4improvements, or a combination thereof. The corporate
5authorities of the municipality or county may establish (i)
6multiple green special service areas pursuant to a single
7ordinance or (ii) multiple buildings, structures, facilities,
8improvements, or lots or parcels of land within a single green
9special service area, which are not required to be contiguous.
10Revenues from multiple green special service areas and revenues
11from multiple buildings, structures, facilities, improvements
12or lots or parcels of land within a single green special
13service area may be aggregated for a pledge as security for
14bonds issued pursuant to Section 27-45 of this Act.
15    "Renewable energy improvement" means any fixture, product,
16system, device, or interacting group thereof, for or serving
17any residential, commercial, or industrial building,
18structure, or other facility that produces energy from
19renewable resources as defined in Section 1-10 of the Illinois
20Power Agency Act.
21    "Special Service Area" means a contiguous area within a
22municipality or county in which, except as provided in this Act
23concerning green special service areas, special governmental
24services are provided in addition to those services provided
25generally throughout the municipality or county, the cost of
26the special services to be paid from revenues collected from



HB3600- 12 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1taxes levied or imposed upon property within that area.
2Territory shall be considered contiguous for purposes of this
3Article even though certain completely surrounded portions of
4the territory are excluded from the special service area. A
5county may create a special service area within a municipality
6or municipalities when the municipality or municipalities
7consent to the creation of the special service area. A
8municipality may create a special service area within a
9municipality and the unincorporated area of a county or within
10another municipality when the county or other municipality
11consents to the creation of the special service area.
12    "Special Services" means all forms of services pertaining
13to the government and affairs of the municipality or county,
14including but not limited to weather modification, energy
15efficiency improvements, renewable energy improvements, water
16use improvements, and improvements permissible under Article 9
17of the Illinois Municipal Code, and contracts for the supply of
18water as described in Section 11-124-1 of the Illinois
19Municipal Code which may be entered into by the municipality or
20by the county on behalf of a county service area.
21    "Water use improvement" means any fixture, product,
22system, device, or interacting group thereof, for or serving
23any residential, commercial, or industrial building,
24structure, or other facility that has the effect of conserving
25water resources through improved water management or



HB3600- 13 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1(Source: P.A. 86-1324; 88-445.)
2    (35 ILCS 200/27-97 new)
3    Sec. 27-97. Green special service areas.
4    (a) The corporate authorities of a municipality or county
5may establish a green special service area, or multiple green
6special service areas under a single ordinance, for the purpose
7of arranging and financing energy efficiency improvements,
8renewable energy improvements, or water use improvements. Each
9green special service area shall include only property for
10which each owner of record has executed a contract or agreement
11consenting to the inclusion of such property within the green
12special service area, and such contract may occur subsequent to
13the adoption of the ordinance of the corporate authorities
14establishing the green special service area. The inclusion, or,
15as applicable, deletion, of property within the green special
16service area subsequent to the adoption of the ordinance of the
17corporate authorities establishing the green special service
18area may be made either (i) by the adoption of a supplemental
19or amending ordinance of the corporate authorities or (ii)
20pursuant to authority in the establishing ordinance
21designating one or more county or municipal officers, as
22applicable, to include, or, as applicable, delete, other
23properties. Green special service areas are exempt from the
24provisions of Sections 27-20, 27-25, 27-30, 27-35, 27-40,
2527-55, 27-60, 27-65, and 27-70 of this Act. A municipality or



HB3600- 14 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1county may create a green special service area by an ordinance
2establishing the green special service area. Each owner of
3record of property within a green special service area may
4arrange for the specific energy efficiency improvements,
5renewable energy improvements, or water use improvements and
6may obtain financing for such improvements through the process
7set forth in the ordinance establishing the green special
8service area. A green special service area may consist of a
9single building, structure, facility, improvement, or lot or
10parcel of land. The corporate authorities of a municipality or
11county may establish multiple green special service areas
12pursuant to a single ordinance or within a single green special
13service area identify multiple buildings, structures,
14facilities, improvements, or lots or parcels of land, whether
15or not contiguous. Revenues from multiple green special service
16areas or revenues from multiple buildings, structures,
17facilities, improvements or lots or parcels of land within a
18single green special service area may be aggregated for a
19pledge as security for bonds issued pursuant to Section 27-45
20of this Act.
21    Municipalities and counties shall have the power to issue
22bonds under Section 27-45 for the public purposes set forth in
23this Section 27-97; provided that it is not necessary to
24conduct a public hearing, as required in Section 27-45, in
25connection with the issuance of those bonds.
26    (b) The corporate authorities of a county or municipality



HB3600- 15 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1that establishes a green special service area shall levy a tax
2pursuant to Section 27-75 of this Act on all property in a
3green special service area where each owner of record has
4entered into a contract or agreement for improvements; provided
5that it is not necessary to file a copy of the notice of public
6hearing with the County Clerk as otherwise required by Section
727-45. The contract or agreement entered into with the owner of
8the property shall be conclusive as to the due authorization
9and establishment of the applicable green special service area
10as it relates to that property and to the amount of special tax
11to be levied and extended against the property for such
12improvements. A contract or agreement may specify tax levies
13pursuant to Section 27-75 of this Act related to the applicable
14energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy improvements,
15water use improvements, or a combination thereof, or as
16applicable to the principal of and interest on bonds issued,
17including as a part of a larger pooled or composite issue, for
18financing such improvements. The specified tax levies in a
19contract or agreement when recorded as provided in subsection
20(c) of this Section and filed with the county clerk shall be
21authority for each affected county to extend and collect the
22levied taxes for the applicable municipality or county, or
23both, with respect to each such contract or agreement.
24Municipalities must have consent from the County Clerk before
25creating a green special service area.
26    (c) The contract or agreement in subsection (b) of this



HB3600- 16 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1Section shall be in recordable form and shall be recorded in
2the office of the recorder in the county where the property is
4    (d) Any unit of local government with the authority to
5provide special service area financing in connection with green
6special service area projects, as provided in the Special
7Service Area Tax Law, is authorized to do any of the following:
8(i) issue special service area bonds, (ii) sell or assign those
9bonds to the Authority, and (iii) assign or pledge those
10special service area bonds, agreements relating to public and
11private green special service area projects, or both to the
12Illinois Finance Authority.
13    (e) This Section shall be liberally construed to affect the
14legislative purpose of enabling taxpayers to make energy
15efficiency improvements, renewable energy improvements, or
16water use improvements to their properties.
17    Section 15. The Counties Code is amended by changing
18Section 5-1005 as follows:
19    (55 ILCS 5/5-1005)  (from Ch. 34, par. 5-1005)
20    Sec. 5-1005. Powers. Each county shall have power:
21        1. To purchase and hold the real and personal estate
22    necessary for the uses of the county, and to purchase and
23    hold, for the benefit of the county, real estate sold by
24    virtue of judicial proceedings in which the county is



HB3600- 17 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    plaintiff.
2        2. To sell and convey or lease any real or personal
3    estate owned by the county.
4        3. To make all contracts and do all other acts in
5    relation to the property and concerns of the county
6    necessary to the exercise of its corporate powers.
7        4. To take all necessary measures and institute
8    proceedings to enforce all laws for the prevention of
9    cruelty to animals.
10        5. To purchase and hold or lease real estate upon which
11    may be erected and maintained buildings to be utilized for
12    purposes of agricultural experiments and to purchase, hold
13    and use personal property for the care and maintenance of
14    such real estate in connection with such experimental
15    purposes.
16        6. To cause to be erected, or otherwise provided,
17    suitable buildings for, and maintain a county hospital and
18    necessary branch hospitals and/or a county sheltered care
19    home or county nursing home for the care of such sick,
20    chronically ill or infirm persons as may by law be proper
21    charges upon the county, or upon other governmental units,
22    and to provide for the management of the same. The county
23    board may establish rates to be paid by persons seeking
24    care and treatment in such hospital or home in accordance
25    with their financial ability to meet such charges, either
26    personally or through a hospital plan or hospital



HB3600- 18 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    insurance, and the rates to be paid by governmental units,
2    including the State, for the care of sick, chronically ill
3    or infirm persons admitted therein upon the request of such
4    governmental units. Any hospital maintained by a county
5    under this Section is authorized to provide any service and
6    enter into any contract or other arrangement not prohibited
7    for a hospital that is licensed under the Hospital
8    Licensing Act, incorporated under the General
9    Not-For-Profit Corporation Act, and exempt from taxation
10    under paragraph (3) of subsection (c) of Section 501 of the
11    Internal Revenue Code.
12        7. To contribute such sums of money toward erecting,
13    building, maintaining, and supporting any non-sectarian
14    public hospital located within its limits as the county
15    board of the county shall deem proper.
16        8. To purchase and hold real estate for the
17    preservation of forests, prairies and other natural areas
18    and to maintain and regulate the use thereof.
19        9. To purchase and hold real estate for the purpose of
20    preserving historical spots in the county, to restore,
21    maintain and regulate the use thereof and to donate any
22    historical spot to the State.
23        10. To appropriate funds from the county treasury to be
24    used in any manner to be determined by the board for the
25    suppression, eradication and control of tuberculosis among
26    domestic cattle in such county.



HB3600- 19 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1        11. To take all necessary measures to prevent forest
2    fires and encourage the maintenance and planting of trees
3    and the preservation of forests.
4        12. To authorize the closing on Saturday mornings of
5    all offices of all county officers at the county seat of
6    each county, and to otherwise regulate and fix the days and
7    the hours of opening and closing of such offices, except
8    when the days and the hours of opening and closing of the
9    office of any county officer are otherwise fixed by law;
10    but the power herein conferred shall not apply to the
11    office of State's Attorney and the offices of judges and
12    clerks of courts and, in counties of 500,000 or more
13    population, the offices of county clerk.
14        13. To provide for the conservation, preservation and
15    propagation of insectivorous birds through the expenditure
16    of funds provided for such purpose.
17        14. To appropriate funds from the county treasury and
18    expend the same for care and treatment of tuberculosis
19    residents.
20        15. In counties having less than 1,000,000
21    inhabitants, to take all necessary or proper steps for the
22    extermination of mosquitoes, flies or other insects within
23    the county.
24        16. To install an adequate system of accounts and
25    financial records in the offices and divisions of the
26    county, suitable to the needs of the office and in



HB3600- 20 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    accordance with generally accepted principles of
2    accounting for governmental bodies, which system may
3    include such reports as the county board may determine.
4        17. To purchase and hold real estate for the
5    construction and maintenance of motor vehicle parking
6    facilities for persons using county buildings, but the
7    purchase and use of such real estate shall not be for
8    revenue producing purposes.
9        18. To acquire and hold title to real property located
10    within the county, or partly within and partly outside the
11    county by dedication, purchase, gift, legacy or lease, for
12    park and recreational purposes and to charge reasonable
13    fees for the use of or admission to any such park or
14    recreational area and to provide police protection for such
15    park or recreational area. Personnel employed to provide
16    such police protection shall be conservators of the peace
17    within such park or recreational area and shall have power
18    to make arrests on view of the offense or upon warrants for
19    violation of any of the ordinances governing such park or
20    recreational area or for any breach of the peace in the
21    same manner as the police in municipalities organized and
22    existing under the general laws of the State. All such real
23    property outside the county shall be contiguous to the
24    county and within the boundaries of the State of Illinois.
25        19. To appropriate funds from the county treasury to be
26    used to provide supportive social services designed to



HB3600- 21 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    prevent the unnecessary institutionalization of elderly
2    residents, or, for operation of, and equipment for, senior
3    citizen centers providing social services to elderly
4    residents.
5        20. To appropriate funds from the county treasury and
6    loan such funds to a county water commission created under
7    the "Water Commission Act", approved June 30, 1984, as now
8    or hereafter amended, in such amounts and upon such terms
9    as the county may determine or the county and the
10    commission may agree. The county shall not under any
11    circumstances be obligated to make such loans. The county
12    shall not be required to charge interest on any such loans.
13        21. To appropriate and expend funds from the county
14    treasury for economic development purposes, including the
15    making of grants to any other governmental entity or
16    commercial enterprise deemed necessary or desirable for
17    the promotion of economic development in the county.
18        22. To lease space on a telecommunications tower to a
19    public or private entity.
20        23. In counties having a population of 100,000 or less
21    and a public building commission organized by the county
22    seat of the county, to cause to be erected or otherwise
23    provided, and to maintain or cause to be maintained,
24    suitable facilities to house students pursuing a
25    post-secondary education at an academic institution
26    located within the county. The county may provide for the



HB3600- 22 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    management of the facilities.
2        24. To engage in and undertake activities related to
3    and in connection with governmental and private energy
4    efficiency improvements, renewable energy improvements,
5    and water use improvements as defined in the Special
6    Service Area Tax Law, including, but not limited to,
7    special service areas related to green special service area
8    financing for energy efficiency improvements, renewable
9    energy improvements, and water use improvements whether on
10    public or private property, under the Special Service Area
11    Tax Law. This item shall be liberally construed to effect
12    the legislative purpose of enabling taxpayers to make
13    energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy
14    improvements, and water use improvements to or serving the
15    designated properties.
16    All contracts for the purchase of coal under this Section
17shall be subject to the provisions of "An Act concerning the
18use of Illinois mined coal in certain plants and institutions",
19filed July 13, 1937, as amended.
20(Source: P.A. 95-197, eff. 8-16-07; 95-813, eff. 1-1-09;
2196-622, eff. 8-24-09.)
22    Section 20. The Illinois Municipal Code is amended by
23adding Division 15.4 and Section 11-15.4-1 to Article 11 as



HB3600- 23 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

1    (65 ILCS 5/Art. 11 Div. 15.4 heading new)

3    (65 ILCS 5/11-15.4-1 new)
4    Sec. 11-15.4-1. Green special service areas. Each
5municipality shall have the power and authority to engage in
6and undertake activities related to and in connection with
7governmental and private energy efficiency improvements,
8renewable energy improvements, and water use improvements as
9defined in the Special Service Area Tax Law, including, but not
10limited to, special service area financing related to green
11special service areas for energy efficiency improvements,
12renewable energy improvements, and water use improvements
13whether on public or private property, under the Special
14Service Area Tax Law. This Section shall be liberally construed
15to effect the legislative purpose of enabling taxpayers to make
16energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy improvements,
17or water use improvements to or serving the designated
19    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
20becoming law.



HB3600- 24 -LRB097 08736 HLH 48865 b

2 Statutes amended in order of appearance
3    20 ILCS 3501/820-10
4    20 ILCS 3501/820-20
5    20 ILCS 3501/820-25
6    20 ILCS 3501/820-37 new
7    35 ILCS 200/27-5
8    35 ILCS 200/27-97 new
9    55 ILCS 5/5-1005from Ch. 34, par. 5-1005
10    65 ILCS 5/Art. 11 Div.
11    15.4 heading new
12    65 ILCS 5/11-15.4-1 new