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Full Text of HB4510  97th General Assembly


Sen. Antonio Muñoz

Filed: 4/17/2012





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4510, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
41, as follows:
5on page 2 by replacing line 20 with "changing Sections 405-120,
6405-121, and 405-125 as follows:"; and
7on page 3, line 6, immediately after "subjects", by inserting
8", including the Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory
9Council"; and
10on page 3, immediately below line 10, by inserting the
12    "(20 ILCS 405/405-121 new)
13    Sec. 405-121. Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory
14Council. The Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory Council



09700HB4510sam001- 2 -LRB097 18375 JDS 67288 a

1is hereby created to examine:
2        (1) the prevalence and impact of Asian Americans
3    employed by State government;
4        (2) the barriers faced by Asian Americans who seek
5    employment or promotional opportunities in State
6    government; and
7        (3) possible incentives that could be offered to foster
8    the employment of and the promotion of Asian Americans in
9    State government.
10    The Council shall meet quarterly to provide consultation to
11State agencies and the Department.
12    All members of the Asian-American Employment Plan Advisory
13Council shall serve without compensation, but shall be
14reimbursed for their reasonable and necessary expenses from
15funds available for that purpose.
16    The Asian American Employment Plan Advisory Council shall
17consist of 11 members, each of whom shall be an Asian-American
18subject matter expert, appointed by the Governor.".