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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Rev. Dr.
4Isaac Singleton, who recently passed away; and
5    WHEREAS, Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton was one of the most
6influential spiritual leaders of our time; he dedicated his
7entire life to making a difference for mankind; during the 50's
8and 60's, Dr. Singleton played a major role in the civil rights
9movement, marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Dr.
10Singleton shared Dr. King's dream, his vision, and the struggle
11for equality; and
12    WHEREAS, As a result of believing right is right and wrong
13is wrong, he gained national recognition for his efforts in the
14civil rights movement; Dr. Singleton was known throughout the
15world as a leader for all people; he was also recognized as one
16of the most prolific speakers/teachers of the gospel; for over
17four decades, Dr. Singleton spread the good news of Jesus
18Christ around the world; for nearly 50 years, he served as the
19pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Joliet; and
20    WHEREAS, Prior to pastoring Mt. Zion, Dr. Singleton
21pastored the Russell Street Church in East St. Louis, and he
22pastored the Colette Street Church in Danville; under his



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1leadership at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, membership grew from 100
2to 2,000 members; and
3    WHEREAS, Dr. Singleton served as president for the
4Metropolitan Alliance Council (MAC); he was the founder and
5past president of the Joliet Affiliate Rainbow/P.U.S.H.
6Coalition; he served as the religious coordinator for the
7Illinois Rainbow/P.U.S.H. and as an active National Board
8Member; he was also the founder of the Hill Memorial Center of
9Joliet; and
10    WHEREAS, In 1986, Dr. Singleton was one of 150
11African-American pastors invited to the White House by former
12President Ronald Reagan to consult on civil rights issues; Dr.
13Singleton served the community, State, and nation in many
14capacities, including serving as a former trustee for the Will
15County Regional Education Board, a member of the Joliet
16Township High School Foundation, an appointee to the Illinois
17Department of Children and Family Services Advisory Council by
18former Governor James Thompson (served 12 years and was
19chairman for two terms), Board of Directors of the Joliet
20Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (served one year as
21vice president), a board member on the Economic Commission of
22Will County Downtown Redevelopment, President of the Baptist
23General State Congress of Christian Education of Illinois,
24instructor of the National Baptist Congress of Christian



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1Education-USA, vice president of the National Baptist
2Congress, superintendent of Human Relations of the Baptist
3General State Convention of Illinois for 25 years, and
4moderator of the Lebanon Baptist District Association; and
5    WHEREAS, Dr. Singleton received many honorary
6distinctions, including inductions into the Who's Who Among
7Black Americans and the Joliet/Will County Hall of Pride; he
8was awarded the honor of having a street named after him
9(Singleton Place), and the board room within the Joliet Region
10Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also named in his honor
11(The Rev. Isaac Singleton Room); and
12    WHEREAS, Dr. Singleton was also the recipient of the Joliet
13Chamber Lifetime Achievement Award; he was also awarded the
14Community Relations Award from the city of Joliet (1970), the
15Distinguished Citizen Award from Lewis University (1975), the
16Outstanding Dedication to Service in Education from the
17Educational Service Region of Will County, and the Community
18Leader of American National Editors of America Award (1969);
20    WHEREAS, Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton is survived by his wife,
21the former Pearlie B. Dexter; his six children; his 19
22grandchildren; his 8 greatgrandchildren; and his 4 great-great
23grandchildren; therefore, be it



HR0178- 4 -LRB097 11147 KXB 52623 r

3we mourn, along with his family and friends, the passing of
4Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton; and be it further
5    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
6presented to the family of Rev. Dr. Isaac Singleton as a symbol
7of our sincere sympathy.