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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Guy Anthony Renzaglia, who passed away on
4November 4, 2010 at his home in Mahomet; and
5    WHEREAS, Guy Renzaglia was a beloved father, grandfather,
6family member, friend, teacher, and colleague without
7comparison and a champion for those in need, with a legacy
8reaching across southern Illinois and to every corner of our
9great nation; and
10    WHEREAS, Guy Renzaglia enlisted to serve his country during
11World War II and finished first in the Officer Candidate School
12in the Army Air Corps; he served with distinction during five
13years in uniform, and, like many of his peers in the Greatest
14Generation, he returned home and attended college on the GI
15Bill; and
16    WHEREAS, Guy Renzaglia, the son of Italian immigrants, was
17an accomplished athlete and scholar and a member of the George
18Washington University Hall of Fame; he earned his bachelor's
19degree at GWU and his master's degree in physical education at
20the University of Minnesota; he subsequently earned his second
21master's degree in psychology and his doctorate in counseling
22psychology; and



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1    WHEREAS, Guy Renzaglia had a vision to provide support to
2underserved persons; he applied his determination and wisdom to
3develop the Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois
4University-Carbondale, making it one of the few universities in
5the country at the time to provide services for the blind,
6deaf, and persons using wheelchairs; and
7    WHEREAS, Through Guy Renzaglia's strength and charisma,
8the Rehabilitation Institute became a nationally acclaimed
9program which trained more than 1,000 professionals in
10rehabilitation and mental health services; and
11    WHEREAS, Guy Renzaglia retired from SIU-C after 23 years of
12service; at the age of 60, he started a partnership with two
13friends, Ted Wichman and Skip Cosgrove, and began a vineyard
14and winery later known as Alto Vineyards; and
15    WHEREAS, People from across the globe have come to southern
16Illinois to sample the brilliant wines and warm hospitality of
17Alto Vineyards, seeing and tasting for themselves the labor of
18love which Guy Renzaglia passed along to his son, Paul
19Renzaglia, as well as a love for life and people which is
20evident in every delicious sip; and
21    WHEREAS, Alto Vineyards has served as the model for dozens



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1of other wineries and as the birthplace of the wine industry in
2Illinois, which now boasts some 90 working wineries and
3hundreds of acres of vineyards, and brings Illinois national
4respect as a wine-producing region enjoyed by thousands of
5visitors each year; and
6    WHEREAS, Our hearts are heavy with his loss, but we rejoice
7in the time he shared in our lives; we are comforted by the
8knowledge that Guy Renzaglia's heart will never leave the
9fertile and beautiful rolling hills of southern Illinois, the
10wonderful people of southern Illinois, and the SIU community;
11therefore, be it
13ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
14his family, and friends, the passing of Guy Renzaglia; and be
15it further
16    RESOLVED, That we affirm that his spirit remains a living
17part of us all and that his family and friends will love and
18forever miss him; and be it further
19    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
20presented to the family of Guy Renzaglia as a symbol of our
21sincere sympathy.