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Full Text of HB0008  98th General Assembly


Rep. Mary E. Flowers

Filed: 3/18/2014





09800HB0008ham002LRB098 00001 HEP 56959 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 8, AS AMENDED, with
3reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No. 1, on
4page 1, line 11, by changing "childbearing" to "childbirth";
6on page 1, line 12, by changing "related conditions" to
7"conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth"; and
8on page 3, line 8, by changing "childbearing, or related
9conditions" to "childbirth, or conditions related to pregnancy
10or childbirth"; and
11on page 3, by replacing line 15 with "related to pregnancy or
12childbirth."; and
13on page 8, by replacing line 21 with "or conditions related to
14pregnancy or childbirth."; and



09800HB0008ham002- 2 -LRB098 00001 HEP 56959 a

1on page 18, line 9, by changing "related medical conditions" to
2"related medical conditions related to pregnancy or
3childbirth"; and
4on page 18, line 10, by changing "related medical" to "related
5medical"; and
6on page 18, line 11, after "conditions", by inserting "related
7to pregnancy or childbirth"; and
8on page 18, lines 20 and 21, by changing "pregnancy,
9childbirth, or a related condition" to "pregnancy or
10childbirth"; and
11on page 19, line 15, by changing "pregnancy, childbirth, or
12related conditions" to "pregnancy or childbirth"; and
13on page 19, lines 18 and 19, by changing "pregnancy,
14childbirth, or related conditions" to "pregnancy, childbirth,
15or conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth"; and
16on page 19, lines 24 and 25, by changing "pregnancy,
17childbirth, or related conditions" to "pregnancy or
18childbirth"; and



09800HB0008ham002- 3 -LRB098 00001 HEP 56959 a

1on page 20, line 1, by changing "related conditions" to
2"conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth"; and
3on page 20, line 12, by deleting "related"; and
4on page 20, line 13, after "conditions", by inserting "related
5to pregnancy or childbirth".