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Full Text of HB1349  98th General Assembly


Sen. Terry Link

Filed: 4/19/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1349 on page 1, line
313, after the period, by inserting "In the case of a health
4care facility that is secured by an electronic code box that is
5in good working order, if the owner of the health care facility
6provides the fire department with a valid access code, then
7that health care facility is not required to be accessible by
8an access or key box. For the purposes of this Section, "health
9care facility" means: a hospital licensed under the Hospital
10Licensing Act or the University of Illinois Hospital Act; a
11nursing home or long-term care facility licensed under the
12Nursing Home Care Act; an assisted living establishment, as
13defined in the Assisted Living and Shared Housing Act; a mental
14health facility, as defined in the Mental Health and
15Developmental Disabilities Code; a supportive living facility
16certified to participate in the supportive living facilities
17program under Section 5-5.01a of the Illinois Public Aid Code;
18or a facility licensed under the Specialized Mental Health



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1Rehabilitation Act.".