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Full Text of HB5410  98th General Assembly


Sen. John G. Mulroe

Filed: 5/16/2014





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5410, on page 1,
3line 15, after "public", by inserting "or private"; and
4on page 22, line 5, after "poisoning.", by inserting "This
5prohibition on disclosure does not prevent the Department or
6its delegates from using any information it obtains civilly,
7criminally, or administratively to prosecute any person who
8violates this Act, nor does it prevent the Department or its
9delegates from disclosing any certificate of compliance,
10notice, or mitigation order issued pursuant to this Act."; and
11on page 23, line 18, by replacing "Laboratory fees for blood
12lead testing screening" with "Fees; reimbursement Laboratory
13fees for blood lead screening"; and
14on page 24, by replacing lines 8 through 14 with the following:
15    "(b) The Department shall certify, as required by the



09800HB5410sam001- 2 -LRB098 16193 AMC 59684 a

1Department of Healthcare and Family Services, any
2non-reimbursed public expenditures for all approved lead
3testing and evaluation activities for Medicaid-eligible
4children expended by the Department from the non-federal
5portion of funds, including, but not limited to, assessment of
6home, physical, and family environments; comprehensive
7environmental lead investigation; and laboratory services for
8Medicaid-eligible children. The Department of Healthcare and
9Family Services shall provide appropriate Current Procedural
10Terminology (CPT) Codes for all billable services and claim
11federal financial participation for the properly certified
12public expenditures submitted to it by the Department. Any
13federal financial participation revenue received pursuant to
14this Act shall be deposited in the Lead Poisoning Screening,
15Prevention, and Abatement Fund."; and
16on page 34, lines 17 and 18, by replacing "located, who has
17then shall the authority to" with "located. The State's
18Attorney , who has then the authority to".