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Full Text of SB3228  98th General Assembly


Rep. Ann Williams

Filed: 5/13/2014





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 3228 on page 2,
3line 7, by changing "a person" to "the principal"; and
4on page 2, by replacing lines 11 and 12 with "under state and
5federal law. The health care agent has"; and
6on page 5, by replacing line 21 with the following:
7    "No specific format is required for the statutory health
8care power of attorney other than the notice must precede the
9form. When a power of attorney in substantially the form"; and
10on page 7, line 16, by changing "voice" to "make"; and
11on page 8, by replacing line 11 with the following:
12        "(vi) Do you wish to make a significant contribution to



09800SB3228ham002- 2 -LRB098 15174 HEP 59483 a

1    medical science after your death through organ or whole
2    body donation?
3        (vii) Do you have an existing advanced directive,
4    such"; and
5on page 9, line 11, after "organs", by inserting "or your whole
6body"; and
7on page 9, line 16, after "State", by inserting "or whether you
8have agreed to donate your whole body for medical research
9and/or education"; and
10on page 10, by replacing lines 2 and 3 with the following:
11"decisions, even if other people close to you might urge a";
13on page 10, by replacing lines 23 and 24 with the following:
14"out this role, then the second agent you chose will make the
15decisions; if your second agent is not available, then the
16third agent you chose will make the decisions. The second and
17third agents are called your successor agents and they function
18as back-up"; and
19on page 13, line 2, after "one"; by inserting ", including, but



09800SB3228ham002- 3 -LRB098 15174 HEP 59483 a

1not limited to, your agents and your physicians"; and
2on page 13, by replacing line 6 with "by you, designate an
3agent who is over 18 years of age and not prohibited from
4serving as your"; and
5on page 13, by replacing line 21 with "federal law):"; and
6on page 14, by deleting line 1; and
7on page 14, line 17, by changing "or body" to "or whole body";
9on page 14, line 20, by changing "your" to "my"; and
10on page 14, line 21, by changing "you" to "I"; and
11on page 16, line 8, after "life", by inserting "or delay my
12death, but I do want treatment or care to make me comfortable
13and to relieve me of pain".