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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Josephine Armstead-Bowman of Dixmoor, who
4passed away on January 7, 2013; and
5    WHEREAS, Josephine Armstead-Bowman was born on December 3,
61935, in Chicago; her parents were the late Mr. Korandus and
7Mrs. Annie Bee Lax-Armstead; she married Benjamin Bowman Sr. on
8December 28, 1958; and
9    WHEREAS, Josephine Armstead-Bowman received her general
10education from the Chicago Public School System; she later
11undertook training to become a cosmetologist and beauty
12professional; and
13    WHEREAS, As a young woman, Josephine Armstead-Bowman
14joined the St. James Church of God in Christ and acknowledged
15and received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior; for
16many years, she participated in numerous church activities,
17including the Sunday School Ministry, Young Peoples' Willing
18Workers (YPWW), and the Youth Choir; she later sang with a
19chorale called the Jubilee Five; and
20    WHEREAS, In the winter of 1970, Josephine Armstead-Bowman
21became the first lady of the Revival Center Church of God In



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1Christ, supporting her husband's calling into the ministry as
2Senior Pastor of a newly established congregation; for 25
3years, she served the people of God untiringly, teaching in
4multiple areas of the church, including the Sunday School
5Department, the YPWW, Bible Band, and the Voices of Revival
6Center Choir; she also acted as a surrogate mother to many of
7the parishioners attending and joining the ministry; in 1996,
8she decided to move her fellowship and joined the Tabernacle
9Church of God In Christ, where she served on the Mother's
10Board; she also served in the Women's Ministry, taught young
11women how to knit and crochet, engaged in Bible study, and
12played the piano during her time at the church; in 2002, she
13joined the charismatic ministry of the Abounding Life Church of
14God In Christ in Posen and faithfully served on the Mother's
15Board until her health prevented her from active ministry; and
16    WHEREAS, Josephine Armstead-Bowman is survived by her
17children, Lolita Bowman-Butts (Pastor Walter James Butts),
18Brenda Faye Bowman-Harris (Napoleon Harris, Jr., deceased),
19Benjamin Bowman. Jr. (Cynthia Delores Jackson-Bowman), Pastor
20Raymond Bowman (Nancee Brantly-Bowman), Hazel Ann Bowman,
21Kenneth Jerome Bowman (Rhonda Rene Lockett-Bowman), Regina
22Elaine Bowman-Batiste (Anthony Batiste), Pastor Nathaniel
23Bowman, Sr. (Natasha Pleshita Campbell-Bowman), Josephine
24Bowman-McDonald (Michael McDonald), Elijah Bowman (Chymica
25Laminer-Bowman), Emmanuel Bowman (Cedeliah LaShone



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1Tatum-Bowman), and Kelvin Bowman (Dominique Thompson-Bowman);
2her siblings, Ida Bell Armstead-Scott, Frances Rosamound
3Armstead-McDonald, Shirley Mae Armstead, and Henry Lee
4Armstead; her sisters-in-law, Ruth Johnson, Ruby Baker,
5Marleen Bowman, and Ola (Mary) Armstead; her cousins, Melvin
6and Susie Armstead; her faithful friend, Evangelist Earlene
7Travis; her 38 grandchildren, including Illinois State Senator
8Napoleon Harris, III; her 6 great-grandchildren; and her many
9nieces, nephews, other relatives, and friends; and
10    WHEREAS, Josephine Armstead-Bowman will be remembered
11fondly by all who knew her as a devoted and loving wife, an
12unselfish and nurturing mother, and a loyal friend whose piety
13and caring nature endeared her to everyone she met; therefore,
14be it
16ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
17her family and friends, the passing of Josephine
18Armstead-Bowman; and be it further
19    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
20presented to the family of Josephine Armstead-Bowman as an
21expression of our sympathy.