SR0639LRB098 14413 GRL 49084 r


2    WHEREAS, The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is
3currently updating its GOTO2040 master plan as part of a
4federally-required mid-decade update; and
5    WHEREAS, A new initiative for first-class passenger rail
6service called Crossrail Chicago has emerged which would, for
7the first time, connect Metra route lines together, knitting
8together the Chicagoland region; and
9    WHEREAS, Metra currently runs 11 separate lines, each of
10which terminates in downtown Chicago; these lines do not travel
11through downtown Chicago, a route which would be far more
12efficient; and
13    WHEREAS, Northeast Illinois has long suffered from a
14jobs-housing mismatch, where tens of thousands of entry-level
15jobs in and around O'Hare airport and the northwest suburbs
16struggle to be filled, while tens of thousands of residents of
17the south side and south suburbs struggle to find employment;
19    WHEREAS, Current public transportation between the south
20suburbs and the south side of Chicago and the northwest suburbs
21is a long, laborious journey involving transfers between buses



SR0639- 2 -LRB098 14413 GRL 49084 r

1and rail, creating a greater barrier to full employment in the
2region; and
3    WHEREAS, This initiative is consistent with the long-term
4vision for northeastern Illinois set forth by the Chicago
5Metropolitan Agency for Planning; and
6    WHEREAS, Crossrail Chicago could connect Rockford, Elgin,
7Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, and O'Hare
8through Union Station to McCormick Place, Hyde Park, Homewood,
9University Park, the south suburban airport, Kankakee, and
10Champaign-Urbana in one electrified track; and
11    WHEREAS, The new electrified line of Crossrail Chicago
12would be located largely on publicly-owned rights-of-way and
13could bring tremendous economic benefits to the region and
14State; and
15    WHEREAS, Metra service along the metro electric line from
16University Park to McCormick Place could be significantly
17improved through the Crossrail Chicago initiative; and
18    WHEREAS, Crossrail Chicago can also serve as the trunk of a
19Midwest high-speed rail network, which would bring millions of
20people together into one stronger economic unit; therefore, be



SR0639- 3 -LRB098 14413 GRL 49084 r

2ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we urge the Chicago
3Metropolitan Agency for Planning to include Crossrail Chicago
4in its list of fiscally unconstrained projects as consistent
5with the GOTO2040 vision, making the projects of Crossrail
6Chicago eligible for federal funds; and be it further
7    RESOLVED, That we urge the Illinois Department of
8Transportation, Metra, the Chicago Transit Authority, and the
9Chicago Department of Aviation to support the inclusion of
10Crossrail Chicago as part of GOTO2040's mid-decade update as a
11project on the fiscally unconstrained list as consistent with
12the long-term plans of those agencies; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
14delivered to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, the
15Illinois Department of Transportation, Metra, the Chicago
16Transit Authority, and the Chicago Department of Aviation.