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Full Text of HB3121  99th General Assembly


Rep. Tom Demmer

Filed: 4/22/2015





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3121 on page 3, by
3replacing lines 4 through 25 with the following:
4    "The furnishing of financial information to a municipality
5or county, upon request of the chief executive officer or
6chairman Chief Executive thereof, as appropriate, is an
7official purpose within the meaning of this Section, provided
8the municipality or county agrees in writing to the
9requirements of this Section. Information provided to
10municipalities and counties under this paragraph shall be
11limited to: (1) the business name; (2) the business address;
12(3) the standard classification number assigned to the
13business; (4) net revenue distributed to the requesting
14municipality or county that is directly related to the
15requesting municipality's or county's local share of the
16proceeds under the Use Tax Act, the Service Use Tax Act, the
17Service Occupation Tax Act, and the Retailers' Occupation Tax
18Act distributed from the Local Government Tax Fund, and, if



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1applicable, any locally imposed retailers' occupation tax or
2service occupation tax; and (5) (4) a listing of all businesses
3within the requesting municipality or county by account
4identification number and address. On and after July 1, 2015,
5the furnishing of financial information to municipalities or
6counties under this paragraph may be by electronic means.
7    Information so provided shall be subject to all
8confidentiality provisions of this Section. The written
9agreement shall provide for reciprocity, limitations on
10access, disclosure, and procedures for requesting information.
11Only the chief executive officer or chairman of the
12municipality or county, as appropriate, may initiate the
13written agreement with the Department. The chief executive
14officer or chairman of the municipality or county, as
15appropriate, shall provide the Department with a list of names
16and official titles of municipal or county employees, as
17appropriate, designated by the him or her as persons
18exclusively authorized to request return information, view
19return information, or receive related information on his or
20her behalf. This list shall be restricted solely to municipal
21or county employees, as appropriate, who are directly involved
22in the financial operations of the municipality or county, and
23the financial information provided by the Department shall not
24be viewed by or shared with anyone who is not approved by the
25Department. The written agreement may be canceled by either the
26Department or the chief executive officer or chairman, as



09900HB3121ham002- 3 -LRB099 09692 HLH 34648 a

1appropriate, of the municipality or county at any time and
2shall be canceled in the event of any unauthorized use or
3disclosure of State tax return information obtained pursuant to
4the written agreement, or in the event of a failure to abide by
5the procedures set forth in the agreement by the Department for
6safeguarding the confidentiality of such return information.".