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Full Text of HB0106  100th General Assembly


Rep. Mark Batinick

Filed: 2/14/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 106 as follows:
3on page 1, lines 4 and 5, by replacing "Section 21B-20" with
4"Sections 21B-20 and 21B-25"; and
5on page 18, immediately below line 21, by inserting the
7    "(105 ILCS 5/21B-25)
8    Sec. 21B-25. Endorsement on licenses. All licenses issued
9under paragraph (1) of Section 21B-20 of this Code shall be
10specifically endorsed by the State Board of Education for each
11content area, school support area, and administrative area for
12which the holder of the license is qualified. Recognized
13institutions approved to offer educator preparation programs
14shall be trained to add endorsements to licenses issued to
15applicants who meet all of the requirements for the endorsement



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1or endorsements, including passing any required tests. The
2State Superintendent of Education shall randomly audit
3institutions to ensure that all rules and standards are being
4followed for entitlement or when endorsements are being
6        (1) The State Board of Education, in consultation with
7    the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board, shall
8    establish, by rule, the grade level and subject area
9    endorsements to be added to the Professional Educator
10    License. These rules shall outline the requirements for
11    obtaining each endorsement.
12        (2) In addition to any and all grade level and content
13    area endorsements developed by rule, the State Board of
14    Education, in consultation with the State Educator
15    Preparation and Licensure Board, shall develop the
16    requirements for the following endorsements:
17            (A) General administrative endorsement. A general
18        administrative endorsement shall be added to a
19        Professional Educator License, provided that an
20        approved program has been completed. An individual
21        holding a general administrative endorsement may work
22        only as a principal or assistant principal or in a
23        related or similar position, as determined by the State
24        Superintendent of Education, in consultation with the
25        State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board.
26            Beginning on September 1, 2014, the general



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1        administrative endorsement shall no longer be issued
2        except to individuals who completed all coursework
3        requirements for the receipt of the general
4        administrative endorsement by September 1, 2014, who
5        have completed all testing requirements by June 30,
6        2016, and who apply for the endorsement on or before
7        June 30, 2016. Individuals who hold a valid and
8        registered administrative certificate with a general
9        administrative endorsement issued under Section 21-7.1
10        of this Code or a Professional Educator License with a
11        general administrative endorsement issued prior to
12        September 1, 2014 and who have served for at least one
13        full year during the 5 years prior in a position
14        requiring a general administrative endorsement shall,
15        upon request to the State Board of Education and
16        through July 1, 2015, have their respective general
17        administrative endorsement converted to a principal
18        endorsement on the Professional Educator License.
19        Candidates shall not be admitted to an approved general
20        administrative preparation program after September 1,
21        2012.
22            All other individuals holding a valid and
23        registered administrative certificate with a general
24        administrative endorsement issued pursuant to Section
25        21-7.1 of this Code or a general administrative
26        endorsement on a Professional Educator License issued



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1        prior to September 1, 2014 shall have the general
2        administrative endorsement converted to a principal
3        endorsement on a Professional Educator License upon
4        request to the State Board of Education and by
5        completing one of the following pathways:
6                (i) Passage of the State principal assessment
7            developed by the State Board of Education.
8                (ii) Through July 1, 2019, completion of an
9            Illinois Educators' Academy course designated by
10            the State Superintendent of Education.
11                (iii) Completion of a principal preparation
12            program established and approved pursuant to
13            Section 21B-60 of this Code and applicable rules.
14            Individuals who do not choose to convert the
15        general administrative endorsement on the
16        administrative certificate issued pursuant to Section
17        21-7.1 of this Code or on the Professional Educator
18        License shall continue to be able to serve in any
19        position previously allowed under paragraph (2) of
20        subsection (e) of Section 21-7.1 of this Code.
21            The general administrative endorsement on the
22        Professional Educator License is available only to
23        individuals who, prior to September 1, 2014, had such
24        an endorsement on the administrative certificate
25        issued pursuant to Section 21-7.1 of this Code or who
26        already have a Professional Educator License and have



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1        completed a general administrative program and who do
2        not choose to convert the general administrative
3        endorsement to a principal endorsement pursuant to the
4        options in this Section.
5            (B) Principal endorsement. A principal endorsement
6        shall be affixed to a Professional Educator License of
7        any holder who qualifies by having all of the
8        following:
9                (i) Successful completion of a principal
10            preparation program approved in accordance with
11            Section 21B-60 of this Code and any applicable
12            rules.
13                (ii) At least 4 total years of teaching or,
14            until June 30, 2021, 4 total years of working in
15            the capacity of school support personnel in an
16            Illinois public school or nonpublic school
17            recognized by the State Board of Education or in an
18            out-of-state public school or out-of-state
19            nonpublic school meeting out-of-state recognition
20            standards comparable to those approved by the
21            State Superintendent of Education; however, the
22            State Board of Education, in consultation with the
23            State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board,
24            shall allow, by rules, for fewer than 4 years of
25            experience based on meeting standards set forth in
26            such rules, including without limitation a review



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1            of performance evaluations or other evidence of
2            demonstrated qualifications.
3                (iii) A master's degree or higher from a
4            regionally accredited college or university.
5            (C) Chief school business official endorsement. A
6        chief school business official endorsement shall be
7        affixed to the Professional Educator License of any
8        holder who qualifies by having a master's degree or
9        higher, 2 years of full-time administrative experience
10        in school business management or 2 years of
11        university-approved practical experience, and a
12        minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate credit in a
13        program approved by the State Board of Education for
14        the preparation of school business administrators and
15        by passage of the applicable State tests. The chief
16        school business official endorsement may also be
17        affixed to the Professional Educator License of any
18        holder who qualifies by having a master's degree in
19        business administration, finance, or accounting, or
20        public administration and who completes an additional
21        6 semester hours of internship in school business
22        management from a regionally accredited institution of
23        higher education and passes the applicable State
24        tests. This endorsement shall be required for any
25        individual employed as a chief school business
26        official.



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1            (D) Superintendent endorsement. A superintendent
2        endorsement shall be affixed to the Professional
3        Educator License of any holder who has completed a
4        program approved by the State Board of Education for
5        the preparation of superintendents of schools, has had
6        at least 2 years of experience employed full-time in a
7        general administrative position or as a full-time
8        principal, director of special education, or chief
9        school business official in the public schools or in a
10        State-recognized nonpublic school in which the chief
11        administrator is required to have the licensure
12        necessary to be a principal in a public school in this
13        State and where a majority of the teachers are required
14        to have the licensure necessary to be instructors in a
15        public school in this State, and has passed the
16        required State tests; or of any holder who has
17        completed a program that is not an Illinois-approved
18        educator preparation program at an Illinois
19        institution of higher education and that has
20        recognition standards comparable to those approved by
21        the State Superintendent of Education and holds the
22        general administrative, principal, or chief school
23        business official endorsement and who has had 2 years
24        of experience as a principal, director of special
25        education, or chief school business official while
26        holding a valid educator license or certificate



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1        comparable in validity and educational and experience
2        requirements and has passed the appropriate State
3        tests, as provided in Section 21B-30 of this Code. The
4        superintendent endorsement shall allow individuals to
5        serve only as a superintendent or assistant
6        superintendent.
7            (E) Teacher leader endorsement. It shall be the
8        policy of this State to improve the quality of
9        instructional leaders by providing a career pathway
10        for teachers interested in serving in leadership
11        roles, but not as principals. The State Board of
12        Education, in consultation with the State Educator
13        Preparation and Licensure Board, may issue a teacher
14        leader endorsement under this subdivision (E). Persons
15        who meet and successfully complete the requirements of
16        the endorsement shall be issued a teacher leader
17        endorsement on the Professional Educator License for
18        serving in schools in this State. Teacher leaders may
19        qualify to serve in such positions as department
20        chairs, coaches, mentors, curriculum and instruction
21        leaders, or other leadership positions as defined by
22        the district. The endorsement shall be available to
23        those teachers who (i) hold a Professional Educator
24        License, (ii) hold a master's degree or higher from a
25        regionally accredited institution, (iii) have
26        completed a program of study that has been approved by



10000HB0106ham001- 9 -LRB100 00296 MLM 19227 a

1        the State Board of Education, in consultation with the
2        State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board, and
3        (iv) have successfully demonstrated competencies as
4        defined by rule.
5            A teacher who meets the requirements set forth in
6        this Section and holds a teacher leader endorsement may
7        evaluate teachers pursuant to Section 24A-5 of this
8        Code, provided that the individual has completed the
9        evaluation component required by Section 24A-3 of this
10        Code and a teacher leader is allowed to evaluate
11        personnel under the respective school district's
12        collective bargaining agreement.
13            The State Board of Education, in consultation with
14        the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board,
15        may adopt such rules as may be necessary to establish
16        and implement the teacher leader endorsement program
17        and to specify the positions for which this endorsement
18        shall be required.
19            (F) Special education endorsement. A special
20        education endorsement in one or more areas shall be
21        affixed to a Professional Educator License for any
22        individual that meets those requirements established
23        by the State Board of Education in rules. Special
24        education endorsement areas shall include without
25        limitation the following:
26                (i) Learning Behavior Specialist I;



10000HB0106ham001- 10 -LRB100 00296 MLM 19227 a

1                (ii) Learning Behavior Specialist II;
2                (iii) Speech Language Pathologist;
3                (iv) Blind or Visually Impaired;
4                (v) Deaf-Hard of Hearing; and
5                (vi) Early Childhood Special Education.
6        Notwithstanding anything in this Code to the contrary,
7        the State Board of Education, in consultation with the
8        State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board, may
9        add additional areas of special education by rule.
10            (G) School support personnel endorsement. School
11        support personnel endorsement areas shall include, but
12        are not limited to, school counselor, marriage and
13        family therapist, school psychologist, school speech
14        and language pathologist, school nurse, and school
15        social worker. This endorsement is for individuals who
16        are not teachers or administrators, but still require
17        licensure to work in an instructional support position
18        in a public or State-operated elementary school,
19        secondary school, or cooperative or joint agreement
20        with a governing body or board of control or a charter
21        school operating in compliance with the Charter
22        Schools Law. The school support personnel endorsement
23        shall be affixed to the Professional Educator License
24        and shall meet all of the requirements established in
25        any rules adopted to implement this subdivision (G).
26        The holder of such an endorsement is entitled to all of



10000HB0106ham001- 11 -LRB100 00296 MLM 19227 a

1        the rights and privileges granted holders of any other
2        Professional Educator License, including teacher
3        benefits, compensation, and working conditions.
4            Beginning on January 1, 2014 and ending on April
5        30, 2014, a person holding a Professional Educator
6        License with a school speech and language pathologist
7        (teaching) endorsement may exchange his or her school
8        speech and language pathologist (teaching) endorsement
9        for a school speech and language pathologist
10        (non-teaching) endorsement through application to the
11        State Board of Education. There shall be no cost for
12        this exchange.
13(Source: P.A. 98-413, eff. 8-16-13; 98-610, eff. 12-27-13;
1498-872, eff. 8-11-14; 98-917, eff. 8-15-14; 98-1147, eff.
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