Rep. Natalie Phelps Finnie

Filed: 11/9/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 130 by replacing
3everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4    "Section 5. Property. The State of Illinois owns the
5following real property, commonly known as the Hardin County
6Work Camp at the mailing address RR 1 Box 99, Cave-In-Rock, IL
762919, situated in the County of Hardin and described as
9    Beginning at a concrete right of way marker in the West (W)
10    right of way of Illinois State Route No. 1, which is
11    located South Fifteen Degrees East Two Hundred Thirty-Six
12    S. 15 degrees E. (236) feet of the intersection of the
13    South (S) right of way line of a Forest Service Trail and
14    the West (W) right of way line of Illinois State Route No.
15    1. Thence West (W) Six Hundred (600) feet to steel stake;
16    thence South (S) One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty



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1    (1,130) feet to a steel stake set in the North (N) line of
2    an old road. (The North West (NW) Corner of Southeast
3    Quarter (SE1/4) of Southwest Quarter (SW1/4) is located Two
4    Hundred Ninety-Three (293) feet North (N) and Five Hundred
5    Twenty-Seven (527) feet West (W) of this point.) Thence
6    North Seventy-One Degrees Zero Minutes East Four Hundred
7    Eighty-Two (N. 71 degrees - 00' E. 482) feet to a steel
8    stake near a white oak in the North (N) line of an old
9    road; thence East (E) Two Hundred Forty-Seven (247) feet to
10    a steel stake in the West (W) right of way line of Illinois
11    State Route No. 1; thence following the West (W) right of
12    way line of Route 1 to the point of beginning,
13    All of this Tract is located in the East Half (E1/2) of the
14    South West Quarter (SW1/4) of Section Twenty-Five (25),
15    Township Eleven (11) South, Range Nine (9) East of the
16    Third Principal Meridian, and contains Fifteen and
17    Three-Tenths (15.3) acres.
18    EXCEPTING all ores, minerals and mineral substances of
19    every kind and character beneath and underlying the above
20    described premises at a depth of greater than One Hundred
21    Twenty-Five (125') feet from the surface of the earth, as
22    reserved in prior deeds.
23    Section 10. Conveyance.



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1    (a) Upon the payment of the sum of $1 to the State of
2Illinois, and subject to the conditions set forth in subsection
3(b), the Director of Corrections, on behalf of the State of
4Illinois and the Department of Corrections, shall convey by
5quitclaim deed all right, title, and interest of the State of
6Illinois and the Department of Corrections in and to the real
7property described in Section 5 to the County of Hardin.
8    (b) The quitclaim deed to the County of Hardin shall state
9on its face and be subject to the conditions that the real
10property shall be used by the County of Hardin for a public
11purpose and that if the County of Hardin ceases to exist or if
12the real property is used for any purposes other than a public
13purpose, then title shall revert without further action to the
14State of Illinois.
15    Section 15. Recording. The Director of Corrections shall
16prepare one or more quitclaim deeds to convey the real
17property. The Director may also record a certified copy of this
18Act. Each quitclaim deed shall reference this Act and contain
19the reversionary language from subsection (b) of Section 10.
20All documents of conveyance shall be recorded in the county in
21which the land is located.
22    Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
23becoming law.".