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Full Text of HB0698  100th General Assembly


Rep. Justin Slaughter

Filed: 3/24/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 698 on page 2, line
36, by inserting "pre-release" after "the"; and
4on page 2, by replacing lines 13 through 15 with the following:
5    "(4) the inmate has never been convicted of an offense
6described in Subdivision 5 of Article 11 of the Criminal Code
7of 2012 (major sex offenses), Subdivision 10 of Article 11 of
8the Criminal Code of 2012 (vulnerable victim sex offenses),
9Section 11-20.1 of Subdivision 20 of Article 11 of the Criminal
10Code of 2012 (child pornography offenses), or similar offenses
11under the Criminal Code of 1961;"; and
12on page 2, by inserting immediately below line 17 the
14    "(730 ILCS 5/3-12.5-11 new)
15    Sec. 3-12.5-11. Curriculum; employment; retention of



10000HB0698ham001- 2 -LRB100 07831 RLC 24289 a

1rights; certificate of completion.
2    (a) The Prisoner Entrepreneur Education Program shall
3consist of a rigorous curriculum, and participants shall be
4taught business skills, such as computer skills, budgeting,
5creating a business plan, public speaking, and realistic goal
7    (b) The curriculum shall not include the employment of
8participants as employees under the Department of Corrections
9or any for-profit or not-for-profit organization unless:
10        (1) the participant receives a wage equal to or greater
11    than the prevailing market rate for the services performed
12    during the course of the employment;
13        (2) the employment is reasonably related to the purpose
14    and curriculum of the Prisoner Entrepreneur Education
15    Program; and
16        (3) the participant consents in writing to the terms,
17    provisions, working conditions, and wages of the
18    employment.
19    (c) Participants shall retain rights, control, and
20possession of all products created by the participant during
21the course of the Prisoner Entrepreneur Education Program. Such
22rights shall include intellectual property rights and rights in
23trade secrets. Nothing in this amendatory Act of the 100th
24General Assembly shall be construed to give the Department of
25Corrections any right to sell, use, distribute, market,
26possess, or otherwise control any product created by a



10000HB0698ham001- 3 -LRB100 07831 RLC 24289 a

1participant during the course of the Prisoner Entrepreneur
2Education Program, without the participant's written consent.
3    (d) Participants who successfully complete the Prisoner
4Entrepreneur Education Program shall be awarded a Certificate
5of Completion."; and
6on page 3, by replacing lines 8 and 9 with the following:
7"Entrepreneur Education Program shall be subject to
8appropriation by the General Assembly.".