Rep. Michael D. Unes

Filed: 4/11/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 5167 by replacing
3line 13 on page 1 through line 3 on page 2 with the following:
4        "(b) Class II highways include state highways and
5    designated local roads major arterials not built to
6    interstate highway standards that have at least 11 feet
7    lane widths.
8        (c) (Blank). Class III highways include those State
9    highways that have lane widths of less than 11 feet.
10        (d) Non-designated highways include State highways not
11    designated as Class I or II and are highways in the system
12    of State highways not designated as Class I, II, or III, or
13    local highways which are part of any county, township,
14    municipal, or district road system not designated as Class
15    II. Local authorities also may designate Class II or Class
16    III highways within their systems of highways."; and
17on page 15, by replacing lines 2 through 4 with the following:



10000HB5167ham001- 2 -LRB100 18801 LNS 38290 a

1    "rest if:
2            (A) there is no sign prohibiting that access; and
3            (B) the route is not being used as a thoroughfare
4        between Class I or Class II highways."; and
5on page 21, line 6, by replacing "shall" with "may"; and
6on page 22, by replacing lines 9 and 10 with the following:
7"Class II roadway need not require that signs be erected, but
8the designation shall be reported to the Department.".