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Full Text of SB0446  100th General Assembly


Rep. Cynthia Soto

Filed: 5/19/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 446 by replacing
3line 23 on page 5 through line 8 on page 7 with the following:
4    "(4) For the 2017-2018 school year and each school year
5thereafter, in a school district or educational service region
6with a high school dropout rate that is at least 2 times the
7State high school dropout rate as calculated for the latest
8school year, a school district or educational service region
9shall receive an incentive weighting of 2 times the full
10Foundation Level of support of $6,119 for each high school
11dropout who has been dropped from the school enrollment rolls
12for at least one calendar month and has been reenrolled into a
13best practices school for high school dropouts. If a school
14district or educational service region is eligible for funding
15under this Section, the district or educational service region
16shall receive funding under this Section for a minimum of 3
17years following the last year for which the district or
18educational service region had a high school dropout rate above



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12 times the State average. The school district or educational
2service region may run the school directly or subcontract with
3a not-for-profit organization or school to provide the
4comprehensive services for the reenrolled dropouts. Any State
5funds authorized pursuant to this Section must be expended on
6purposes related to reenrolling high school dropouts. The
7school district or educational service region shall provide the
8services commensurate to the reenrolled student's need. The
9reenrolled student shall also be supported by existing local
10and other funding that is provided for a currently enrolled
11student. These existing local and other sources of funding
12shall also provide for services commensurate to the reenrolled
13student's need. The school district or educational service
14region shall provide the same local and other funding for each
15reenrolled dropout that is provided for other students already
16enrolled in the school district or educational service region.
17A school may be developed as a new school or may be an existing
18school that is expanded. New schools that are developed shall
19have a minimum of 50 reenrolled high school dropouts. These
20schools shall operate with this increased incentive, 2 times
21the full Foundation Level funding, using the best school
22practices that successfully reengage, educate, graduate, and
23transition high school dropouts, as developed through
24successful experience and research. These practices include,
25but are not limited to, strong leadership, small school size,
26small class size, local school decision-making, comprehensive



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1programming, strong staff teamwork, strong professional
2development for all staff, and employment and career
3preparation, with a more complete list detailed in the January
42008 Final Report of the State Task Force on Re-enrolling
5Students Who Dropped Out of School, Appendix E. The
6reimbursement for a new or expanded school shall be made in the
7school year in which the school is operating; a payment of
8one-fourth of the annual projected budget shall be made in the
9first month, and subsequent payments of one-fourth of the
10annual budget shall be made at the beginning of the second,
11third, and fourth quarters. If the overall enrollment falls
12below 75% in the third quarter, then an adjustment shall be
13made for the payment in the fourth quarter to whatever the
14actual percentage of enrollment was in the third quarter,
15applied to the fourth quarter projected payment. High school
16students who have left school and are off the school district
17reimbursement rolls are considered enrolled when they reenroll
18back into a best practices school, as provided in this
19amendatory Act of the 100th General Assembly. The student must
20remain in school in the first or second semester, depending on
21when the student enrolls, as verified by the school district
22database. These schools shall be held to outcomes that are at
23appropriate levels for reenrolling and graduating high school
24dropouts. These outcomes include enrollment, attendance, skill
25gains, credit gains, graduation or promotion to the next grade
26level, and the transition to college, training, or employment,



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1with an emphasis on progressively increasing the overall
2attendance and enrollment to 75% by the sixth month of the
3school year of the best practices school that the reenrolled
4students have entered into. In a school district organized
5under Article 34 of this Code, the outcomes for any school that
6reenrolls high school dropouts shall utilize best school
7practices to reenroll high school dropouts and shall be
8measured by the general assessment tool used by the school
9district to provide a strong framework for accountability.".