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HR0153LRB101 11347 MST 56861 r


2    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is the 6th most populous
3state in the country; it is home to world-class cities,
4enriched communities, and renowned tourist destinations and is
5a leader in many areas, including transportation, technology,
6finance, manufacturing, agriculture, and, most importantly,
7access to an unrivaled labor force; and
8    WHEREAS, There are many positive aspects of this State that
9should be applauded and highlighted, but, unfortunately, we
10find ourselves at a true crossroads; decades of fiscal
11irresponsibility and political malfeasance have resulted in an
12undesirable state of affairs that has plagued and will continue
13to loom over the Land of Lincoln; and
14    WHEREAS, Illinois has to move towards a future that seeks
15and expects to be competitive in all sectors; that is what
16every State across America is doing in order to embolden their
17residents and, furthermore, keep and attract the best and
18brightest employees and employers; and
19    WHEREAS, With this reality in mind, Illinois lawmakers, now
20more than ever, must act in order to ensure that the best days
21for Illinoisans are ahead of us; the time of kicking the
22proverbial can down the road is over, and the time of inaction



HR0153- 2 -LRB101 11347 MST 56861 r

1has passed and is no longer a convenient option; Illinois must
2unequivocally reinforce the notion not only to every resident
3but to any person that may wish to come to the Prairie State
4that Illinois is truly forward-looking; and
5    WHEREAS, Currently, there is no greater threat to
6Illinoisans than that of continuing down our current
7trajectory; through years of laxity, unchecked spending, and
8ever-growing means of over-taxation, Illinois residents are
9being subjected to incredible pressures to leave their homes
10and relocate elsewhere; and
11    WHEREAS, Illinois has among some of the highest tax burdens
12of any state not only in the Midwest but in the country;
13Illinois has one of the highest average property tax burdens in
14the United States; Illinois residents are charged one of the
15highest average combined State and local sales taxes; if this
16were not enough, Illinois has estate, corporate franchise, and
17numerous other State and local taxes that make taxpayers
18reasonably question what Springfield is doing right; and
19    WHEREAS, To continue on this senseless path of
20overburdening, debilitating propositions of increased taxation
21and reckless spending is simply unconscionable, a path which
22now appears to include a new unfair tax on Illinois taxpayers;
23proponents of a graduated income tax offer that this is a



HR0153- 3 -LRB101 11347 MST 56861 r

1"fair" treatment of taxpayers, yet this is far from the truth;
3    WHEREAS, Studies have shown that states with graduated
4income taxes impose an increased burden on the middle-class;
5instead of creating fairness, this venture squeezes the tax
6base; and
7    WHEREAS, A graduated income tax in Illinois would only
8create added burdens and dissuade economic prosperity, two
9unintended consequences that proponents of enacting such a tax
10system fail to mention; and
11    WHEREAS, National organizations, such as the Hoover
12Institution, have outlined the gross inadequacies of the
13graduated income tax system; while it may appear to provide
14equity, the so-called progressive income tax punishes
15hard-working, middle-class families and small businesses that
16make up the majority of the tax base; there is nothing fair in
17making average Illinoisans pay for the shortcomings of a
18legislature that has created a tax-and-spend paradigm that is
19unsustainable; and
20    WHEREAS, Illinois is home to approximately 1.2 million
21small businesses, which, in turn, employ 2.5 million persons;
22small businesses, often structured as pass-through entities,



HR0153- 4 -LRB101 11347 MST 56861 r

1will inevitably be further targets of this so-called
2progressive tax, becoming yet another group that proponents
3have failed to consider in their purported call for fairness;
4for these small businesses and the millions of workers they
5employ, there can be no greater disincentive to continue
6operating in Illinois than enacting yet another anti-business
7measure; and
8    WHEREAS, During the 2018 campaign cycle, blanket,
9unsubstantiated promises were made to Illinoisans across this
10State; assurances were offered from ardent proponents that this
11so-called progressive move would lead to tax savings, without
12once providing substantive proposals; however, the campaign
13speeches are over; and
14    WHEREAS, It is not enough to propose living in a
15make-believe reality where promises can be made to spend the
16peoples' money with no consideration given to the very real
17consequences that will inevitably come back to haunt us; the
18unbridled desire for revenue has, without fail, forced
19Illinoisans across the State to pay for the reckless spending
20plans of those in power; and
21    WHEREAS, We must vociferously fight against tax-and-spend
22policies of the past; this General Assembly presents an
23opportunity to work collaboratively and on a bipartisan basis



HR0153- 5 -LRB101 11347 MST 56861 r

1to (i) balance the budget, (ii) make sure government services
2are efficient and effective, and (iii) prevent any new and
3unnecessary taxes; and
4    WHEREAS, A move by the General Assembly to amend the
5constitution to impose a graduated income tax would mean
6turning our backs on the residents of this State and the spirit
7of bipartisanship; and
8    WHEREAS, Today, it is an almost preconceived maxim in
9Illinois that the need for new revenue and the wanton lack of
10checks on spending will always result in higher and new taxes
11for everyone; the time has come to end this unfortunate and
12vicious cycle; therefore, be it
15we stand united in opposition to any measure that would allow
16the creation of a graduated income tax on Illinois residents;
17and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
19delivered to each member of the Illinois General Assembly and
20the Office of the Governor as a testament to our unwavering
21commitment to improving the day-to-day lives of families across
22this great State.