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Full Text of SB0516  101st General Assembly


Rep. Robert Rita

Filed: 5/23/2020





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 516, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
45, on page 14, line 23, by replacing "2020" with "2021"; and
5on page 59, immediately below line 6, by inserting the
7    "Section 7. The Sports Wagering Act is amended by changing
8Section 25-30 as follows:
9    (230 ILCS 45/25-30)
10    Sec. 25-30. Master sports wagering license issued to an
11organization licensee.
12    (a) An organization licensee may apply to the Board for a
13master sports wagering license. To the extent permitted by
14federal and State law, the Board shall actively seek to achieve
15racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity when issuing master



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1sports wagering licenses to organization licensees and
2encourage minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses,
3veteran-owned businesses, and businesses owned by persons with
4disabilities to apply for licensure. Additionally, the report
5published under subsection (m) of Section 25-45 shall impact
6the issuance of the master sports wagering license to the
7extent permitted by federal and State law.
8    For the purposes of this subsection (a), "minority-owned
9business", "women-owned business", and "business owned by
10persons with disabilities" have the meanings given to those
11terms in Section 2 of the Business Enterprise for Minorities,
12Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act.
13    (b) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection (b),
14the initial license fee for a master sports wagering license
15for an organization licensee is 5% of its handle from the
16preceding calendar year or the lowest amount that is required
17to be paid as an initial license fee by an owners licensee
18under subsection (b) of Section 25-35, whichever is greater. No
19initial license fee shall exceed $10,000,000. An organization
20licensee licensed on the effective date of this Act shall pay
21the initial master sports wagering license fee by July 1, 2021
222020. For an organization licensee licensed after the effective
23date of this Act, the master sports wagering license fee shall
24be $5,000,000, but the amount shall be adjusted 12 months after
25the organization licensee begins racing operations based on 5%
26of its handle from the first 12 months of racing operations.



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1The master sports wagering license is valid for 4 years.
2    (c) The organization licensee may renew the master sports
3wagering license for a period of 4 years by paying a $1,000,000
4renewal fee to the Board.
5    (d) An organization licensee issued a master sports
6wagering license may conduct sports wagering:
7        (1) at its facility at which inter-track wagering is
8    conducted pursuant to an inter-track wagering license
9    under the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975;
10        (2) at 3 inter-track wagering locations if the
11    inter-track wagering location licensee from which it
12    derives its license is an organization licensee that is
13    issued a master sports wagering license; and
14        (3) over the Internet or through a mobile application.
15    (e) The sports wagering offered over the Internet or
16through a mobile application shall only be offered under either
17the same brand as the organization licensee is operating under
18or a brand owned by a direct or indirect holding company that
19owns at least an 80% interest in that organization licensee on
20the effective date of this Act.
21    (f) Until issuance of the first license under Section
2225-45, an individual must create a sports wagering account in
23person at a facility under paragraph (1) or (2) of subsection
24(d) to participate in sports wagering offered over the Internet
25or through a mobile application.
26(Source: P.A. 101-31, eff. 6-28-19.)".