Sen. Terry Link

Filed: 5/1/2019





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1240 by replacing
3everything from line 22 on page 5 through line 5 on page 7 with
4the following:
5    "Section 20. Use of tax proceeds by counties and municipal
6joint action agencies. A county or municipal joint action
7agency shall use the revenue received from the checkout bag tax
8in the following manner:
9        (1) At least 50% of the funds shall be used to collect
10    items that include auxiliary containers, checkout bags,
11    oil-based paints, latex paints, paint thinners,
12    herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, gasoline, pool
13    chemicals, packaging, plastic film, prescription drugs,
14    non-prescription drugs, cleaning products, mercury,
15    household batteries, used motor oil, oil filters, drain
16    cleaners, lawn chemicals, solvents, antifreeze, carpet,
17    mattresses, sharps, needles, fluorescent lamps, aerosol



10100SB1240sam003- 2 -LRB101 08782 HLH 60065 a

1    products, adhesives, glues, acids, caustics, flammable
2    liquid, and any other product collected at a residential
3    household hazardous waste event funded by the Agency. A
4    county or municipal joint action agency may contract with a
5    governmental entity whose primary function is
6    environmental protection and operates permanent and
7    temporary household waste facilities or a private vendor
8    whose primary function is to collect and process permanent
9    and temporary household hazardous waste to collect
10    materials in this Section that are considered hazardous.
11        (2) At least 5% of the remaining 50% of the funds shall
12    be used for education programs to reduce contamination and
13    increase participation in recycling and composting
14    programs. The remainder of the funds available under this
15    paragraph (2) shall be used for:
16            (A) programs to increase the collection and
17        recycling or composting of auxiliary containers;
18            (B) programs or grants to encourage infrastructure
19        development for and market development or recycling
20        and composting;
21            (C) the implementation of solid waste management
22        plans developed pursuant to the Solid Waste Planning
23        and Recycling Act; or
24            (D) the purposes enumerated in paragraph (1) of
25        this Section.".