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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Sandy Thomas Carter of Shorewood, who
4passed away on September 6, 2020; and
5    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter was born in Princeton, New Jersey to
6the Azah and Emma L. (Gregory) Carter on March 29, 1948; during
7his early school years, he worked in his mother's restaurant,
8Emma's Luncheonette, as a waiter; during his junior and senior
9years in high school, he worked for an overnight camp, which
10was the start of his career working with youth; he graduated
11from Princeton High School in 1966 and completed his bachelor's
12degree in elementary education at Newark State College (Kean
13University), where he helped found the college's first Black
14student action group; he married Mary Theresa Coleman at Mt.
15Zion Baptist Church in Westwood, New Jersey on August 26, 1972;
17    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter began his teaching career in Newark,
18New Jersey as an elementary school teacher and later taught in
19East Orange, New Jersey; during one of his summer breaks, he
20started to work with World Book Encyclopedia; in 1986, he left
21New Jersey with his wife and children to join World Book
22Encyclopedias as a division chairperson in Joliet; and



SR1460- 2 -LRB101 22334 MST 73377 r

1    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter returned to teaching at Joliet
2Central High School as a substitute teacher; he then became an
3English and Language Arts teacher at Laraway Elementary School
4in Joliet; he earned his master's degree in administration from
5Lewis University in Romeoville and became the principal of
6Laraway; and
7    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter retired as principal in 2011 and
8entered the real estate field as a realtor for Carter Realty
9Group; and
10    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter was a member of Mt. Pisgah A.M.E.
11Church in Princeton; after moving to Joliet, he was a member of
12Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church for 33 years; as a member of Brown
13Chapel, he served in many capacities, as a custodian, as a
14Sunday school teacher, and with the Christian Education
15Department; he led one of the first RAP groups for the teenage
16youth in church; he also worked with the Men's Ministry and
17served as a steward and on the trustee board; and
18    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter was passionate about his faith, his
19family, and education and received numerous community
20acknowledgment awards over the years; he was a beloved husband,
21father, grandfather, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin and
22friend; and



SR1460- 3 -LRB101 22334 MST 73377 r

1    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter was preceded in death by his parents;
2his daughter, Yvette Teres Carter; his brother, James Azah
3Carter; and his nephew, Keith James Carter; and
4    WHEREAS, Sandy Carter is survived by his wife, Mary
5Theresa; his son, Jonathan T. (Feleniese) Carter and
6granddaughters, Jocelyn and Jaria; his son, Chad J. (Carmen)
7Carter and grandsons, Chad Jr., Connor, and Carson; his
8daughter, Jessica (Terrance) Carter-Hobbs and granddaughters,
9Joyelle, Jayanna, and Jaleesa; his nieces, Kelly Carter,
10Penelope S. Edwards-Carter, and Katryna Carter; and numerous
11nieces, nephews, extended family members, and close friends;
12therefore, be it
14ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
15Sandy Thomas Carter and extend our sincere condolences to his
16family, friends, and all who knew and loved him; and be it
18    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
19presented to the family of Sandy Carter as an expression of our
20deepest sympathy.