Rep. Katie Stuart

Filed: 4/14/2021





10200HB3195ham001LRB102 14438 CPF 25126 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3195 on page 1, by
3replacing lines 19 through 22 with the following:
4    "(b) In this Section, "multiple-occupancy restroom" means
5a room or suite of rooms containing at least one sink and at
6least 2 sanitary fixtures, such as toilets or urinals,
7intended for simultaneous use by 2 or more occupants."; and
8on page 2, line 9, by deleting "or ability"; and
9on page 3, line 10, after "amended", by inserting ", and the
10Illinois Accessibility Code (71 Ill. Adm. Code 400)"; and
11by replacing line 16 on page 3 through line 3 on page 4 with
12the following:
13    "(f) If an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom is newly
14constructed, any newly constructed multiple-occupancy restroom
15located adjacent or in proximity to the newly constructed



10200HB3195ham001- 2 -LRB102 14438 CPF 25126 a

1all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom must also be designated
2as an all-gender multiple-occupancy restroom.
3    (g) When plumbing fixtures in a facility are otherwise
4required to meet female-to-male ratio requirements, including,
5but not limited to, the requirements under Section 15 or the
6minimum fixture requirements adopted under the Illinois
7Plumbing License Law, each individual fixture in an all-gender
8multiple-occupancy restroom may be counted toward the required
9number of either female or male fixtures until the minimum
10requirement is met. If a fixture is counted towards the
11minimum required fixtures for females, that same fixture shall
12not also be counted towards the minimum required fixtures for
13males. If a fixture is counted towards the minimum required
14fixtures for males, that same fixture shall not also be
15counted towards the minimum required fixtures for females.".