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Full Text of HB4246  102nd General Assembly


Rep. Sue Scherer

Filed: 2/4/2022





10200HB4246ham001LRB102 21334 NHT 35340 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4246 by replacing
3line 26 on page 5 through line 3 on page 7 with the following:
4        "(6) Licensees who are retired and qualify for
5    benefits from a State of Illinois retirement system shall
6    be listed as retired notify the State Board of Education
7    using ELIS, and the license shall be maintained in retired
8    status. For any renewal cycle in which a licensee retires
9    during the renewal cycle, the licensee must complete
10    professional development activities on a prorated basis
11    depending on the number of years during the renewal cycle
12    the educator held an active license. If a licensee retires
13    during a renewal cycle, the license status must be updated
14    licensee must notify the State Board of Education using
15    ELIS indicating that the licensee wishes to maintain the
16    license in retired status and the licensee must show proof
17    of completion of professional development activities on a
18    prorated basis for all years of that renewal cycle for



10200HB4246ham001- 2 -LRB102 21334 NHT 35340 a

1    which the license was active. An individual with a license
2    in retired status shall not be required to complete
3    professional development activities or pay registration
4    fees until returning to a position that requires educator
5    licensure. Upon returning to work in a position that
6    requires the Professional Educator License, the license
7    status shall immediately be updated using ELIS licensee
8    shall immediately pay a registration fee and the licensee
9    shall complete renewal requirements for that year. A
10    retired teacher, even if returning to a position that
11    requires educator licensure, shall not be required to pay
12    registration fees. A license in retired status cannot
13    lapse. Beginning on January 6, 2017 (the effective date of
14    Public Act 99-920) through December 31, 2017, any licensee
15    who has retired and whose license has lapsed for failure
16    to renew as provided in this Section may reinstate that
17    license and maintain it in retired status upon providing
18    proof to the State Board of Education using ELIS that the
19    licensee is retired and is not working in a position that
20    requires a Professional Educator License.".