HR0263LRB102 18176 MST 25732 r


2    WHEREAS, In an effort to do their part in addressing
3homelessness, hunger, economic development, and equity
4resources, retired Chicago Bears player Israel Idonije of FBRK
5(fab*rik) and the FBRK Brands team developed their vision for
6impact and growth through the creation of the FBRK Impact
7House; it is the nation's first philanthropic hub for
8foundations, grant makers, and socially responsible
9corporations committed to social change; it serves and
10supports the philanthropic community by providing a place
11where not-for-profit grantor organizations can work together
12intentionally sharing ideas and resources; the goal is for all
13organizations to operate with greater efficiency; the network
14is made up of well-rounded and ambitious individuals, driven
15by purpose and the desire to use their gifts to contribute to
16the success of underserved communities; and
17    WHEREAS, The FBRK Impact House had its official grand
18opening on March 1, 2020 and welcomed its long-term tenants,
19including Forefront, the Woods Fund of Chicago, The Field
20Foundation of Illinois, Inc., United States Artists, Inc., A
21Better Chicago, the Chicago Public Library Foundation,
22Pillars, the Children First Fund, the Knight Family
23Foundation, The Academy Group, the Gupta Foundation (Avani
24Narang), the Margot and Thomas Pritzker Family Foundation



HR0263- 2 -LRB102 18176 MST 25732 r

1(Margot L. Pritzker Fund), Public Good Partners, and Enrich
2Chicago; Access Members, utilizing work lounges and open
3space, are the Baum Foundation, the Cornerstone Foundation,
4the Comer Family Foundation, Verizon, the Healthy Communities
5Foundation, and the Crown Foundation; and
6    WHEREAS, The philanthropically-focused FBRK Impact House
7is the first prong of a two-prong strategy to improve the
8quality of life of human capital; with the creation of the
9Impact Fund, FBRK will target support towards individuals and
10families in underserved and neglected communities; and
11    WHEREAS, The Technology, Renewable Energy Command Center
12(TRECC), a workforce development and innovation center, is the
13second prong of the strategy to improve and support
14individuals, families, and communities that are underserved
15and neglected; it will be a full-service mecca for
16entrepreneurs, businesses, and innovators in the industries of
17Technology, Renewable Energy, Finances, E-Commerce, and Arts;
18the onsite innovation center will offer skills training, job
19placement, and workforce development in cybersecurity,
20advanced manufacturing and transportation, coding hardware and
21software, finances, e-commerce, robotics, animation,
22hydroponics, and automation industries and will help
23communities in developing resiliency to economic changes,
24while building the next generation of entrepreneurs,



HR0263- 3 -LRB102 18176 MST 25732 r

1businesses, and innovators; and
2    WHEREAS, TRECC will weave together technology, innovation,
3business mentorship, workforce development, and wellness to
4serve small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families in
5underserved and neglected communities; and
6    WHEREAS, The world is changing how it trains, develops,
7and deploys the next generation of its workforce; it is
8important that communities faced with homelessness, hunger,
9and a lack of economic development and without equity
10resources are part of this change; when the FBRK Brands team
11can fully implement the two-prong strategy of the FBRK Impact
12House and TRECC, it will provide exponential growth in
13addressing the social, economic, and development needs of its
14most valuable resource of human capital; rebuilding families
15and communities through the social and economic spheres is the
16objective; and
17    WHEREAS, When the State of Illinois strategically invests
18in the development and improvement of underserved and
19neglected communities, it prepares those communities to become
20socially and economically independent, and the State stands to
21benefit tremendously through the efforts of the FBRK Impact
22House and TRECC; therefore, be it



HR0263- 4 -LRB102 18176 MST 25732 r

3we urge the members of the Illinois General Assembly, state
4agencies, and Governor JB Pritzker and his administration to
5partner with and support the work of the FBRK Brands team,
6including FBRK Impact House and TRECC; and be it further
7    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
8delivered to the FBRK Brands team and Governor JB Pritzker.