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2    WHEREAS, The people of ancient Greece developed the
3concept of democracy, in which the supreme power to govern was
4vested in the people; and
5    WHEREAS, The Founding Fathers of the United States, many
6of whom read Greek political philosophy in the original Greek
7language, drew heavily on the political experience and
8philosophy of ancient Greece in forming the representative
9democracy of the United States; and
10    WHEREAS, Petros Mavromichalis, the former
11commander-in-chief of Greece and a founder of the modern Greek
12state, said to the citizens of the United States in 1821, "It
13is in your land that liberty has fixed her abode, and in
14imitating you, we shall imitate our ancestors and be thought
15worthy of them if we succeed in resembling you."; and
16    WHEREAS, The Greek national anthem, the Hymn to Liberty,
17includes the words, "most heartily was gladdened George
18Washington's brave land"; and
19    WHEREAS, Few brave American Philhellenes took an active
20part in the Greek Revolution and became heroes of the Greek
21liberation struggle; and



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1    WHEREAS, The people of the United States generously
2offered humanitarian assistance to the people of Greece during
3their struggle for independence; and
4    WHEREAS, Greece heroically resisted the Axis Powers at a
5crucial moment in World War II, forcing Adolf Hitler to change
6his timeline and delaying the attack on Russia; and
7    WHEREAS, Winston Churchill said that "if there had not
8been the virtue and courage of the Greeks, we do not know which
9the outcome of World War II would have been" and "no longer
10will we say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes
11fight like Greeks"; and
12    WHEREAS, Hundreds of thousands of the people of Greece
13were killed during World War II; and
14    WHEREAS, Greece consistently allied with the United States
15in major international conflicts throughout the 20th century;
17    WHEREAS, Greece is a strategic partner and ally of the
18United States in bringing political stability and economic
19development to the volatile Balkan region, having invested
20billions of dollars in the countries of the region and having



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1contributed more than $750,000,000 in development aid for the
2region; and
3    WHEREAS, The government and people of Greece actively
4participate in peacekeeping and peace-building operations
5conducted by international organizations, including the United
6Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European
7Union, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in
8Europe; and
9    WHEREAS, Greece received worldwide praise for its
10extraordinary handling during the 2004 Olympic Games of more
11than 14,000 athletes and more than 2,000,000 spectators and
12journalists, a feat the government and people of Greece
13handled efficiently, securely, and with hospitality; and
14    WHEREAS, Greece, located in a region where Christianity
15meets Islam and Judaism, maintains excellent relations with
16Muslim countries and Israel; and
17    WHEREAS, Greece remains an integral part of the European
18Union; and
19    WHEREAS, The government of Greece has taken important
20steps in recent years to further cross-cultural understanding,
21rapprochement, and cooperation in various fields with Turkey



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1and has also improved its relations with other countries in
2the region, including Israel, thus enhancing the stability of
3the wider region; and
4    WHEREAS, The governments and people of Greece and the
5United States are at the forefront of efforts to advance
6freedom, democracy, peace, stability, and human rights; and
7    WHEREAS, Those efforts and similar ideals have forged a
8close bond between the people of Greece and the United States;
10    WHEREAS, It is proper and desirable for the United States
11to celebrate March 25, 2021, Greek Independence Day and the
12bicentennial anniversary of the Greek Revolution against the
13Ottoman Turks, with the people of Greece and to reaffirm the
14democratic principles from which these two great countries
15were founded; therefore, be it
17ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we extend our warm
18congratulations and best wishes to the people of Greece as
19they celebrate the 200th anniversary of the independence of
20Greece; and be it further
21    RESOLVED, That we express our support for the principles



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1of democratic governance to which the people of Greece are
2committed; and be it further
3    RESOLVED, That we recognize the important role that Greece
4has played in the wider European region and in the community of
5nations since gaining its independence 200 years ago; and be
6it further
7    RESOLVED, That we declare 2021 as the Year of Friendship
8between Greece and the State of Illinois.