Sen. Christopher Belt

Filed: 4/21/2023





10300HB2473sam002LRB103 28983 SPS 60859 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2473 as follows:
3on page 5, line 22, after "animal", by inserting "or group of
4animals"; and
5on page 6, line 11, by replacing "telehealth" with
6"telemedicine"; and
7by deleting line 26 on page 7 through line 21 on page 9; and
8on page 10, line 12, before "examination", by inserting
9"in-person"; and
10on page 11, by replacing lines 16 through 18 with the
12    "Veterinary specialist" means a veterinarian: (1) who has
13been awarded and maintains certification from a veterinary



10300HB2473sam002- 2 -LRB103 28983 SPS 60859 a

1specialty organization recognized by the American Board of
2Veterinary Specialties; (2) who has been awarded and maintains
3certification from a veterinary certifying organization whose
4standards have been found by the Board to be equivalent to or
5more stringent than those of American Board of Veterinary
6Specialties-recognized veterinary specialty organizations; or
7(3) who otherwise meets criteria that may be established by
8the Board to support a claim to be a veterinary specialist that
9a veterinarian is a diplomate within an AVMA-recognized
10veterinary specialty organization."; and
11on page 11, line 25, by replacing "writing prescriptions" with
12"prescribing writing prescriptions"; and
13on page 15, line 14, by replacing "informed" with "informed";
15on page 16, line 23, by replacing "prescription" with
16"prescribing prescription"; and
17on page 17, line 7, by replacing "writing prescriptions" with
18"prescribing writing prescriptions"; and
19on page 18, line 4, by replacing "Telehealth. Telehealth" with
20"Telemedicine. Telemedicine"; and



10300HB2473sam002- 3 -LRB103 28983 SPS 60859 a

1on page 18, line 6, by replacing "telehealth" with
2"telemedicine"; and
3on page 18, line 8, by replacing "telehealth" with
4"telemedicine"; and
5on page 18, line 9, by replacing "Telehealth" with
6"Telemedicine"; and
7on page 18, line 11, by replacing "Telehealth" with
8"Telemedicine"; and
9on page 18, line 24, by replacing "telehealth" with
10"telemedicine"; and
11on page 19, line 3, by replacing "telehealth" with
12"telemedicine"; and
13on page 19, line 9, by replacing "telehealth" with
14"telemedicine"; and
15on page 19, line 12, by replacing "telehealth" with
16"telemedicine"; and
17on page 19, line 16, by replacing "telehealth" with