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2    WHEREAS, The last four decades have represented a period
3of significant demographic change in the United States; now
4more than ever, Black immigrants compose a significant
5percentage of both the immigrant and Black populations in the
6U.S. overall; and
7    WHEREAS, Black immigrants face disproportionate
8interactions with the criminal justice system and encounter
9more discrimination based on their race as well as immigrant
10status; just as African Americans suffer disproportionately
11high arrest, prosecution, and incarceration rates, so too are
12Black immigrants, despite no evidence that they engage in more
13criminalized activities in comparison to any other racial
14group; Black immigrants are also disproportionately affected
15by the compounding impact of the immigration enforcement
16system, where numerous federal agencies and programs work in
17conjunction with local law enforcement to criminalize, detain,
18and deport immigrants; these disparities in policy and law
19concerning Black immigrants are rooted in racism and unjustly
20target Black immigrants at all stages of the process; and
21    WHEREAS, The Biden Administration has pledged to develop a
22pathway to lawful permanent status for undocumented
23immigrants, but advocates are asking how President Biden will



HJ0018- 2 -LRB103 31086 MST 57727 r

1address the overall plight of Black immigrants; and
2    WHEREAS, As the number of Black immigrants living in the
3United States continues to rise, debates around immigration
4must acknowledge and rectify the injustice inherent in the
5system; and
6    WHEREAS, There is much work to be done to address the
7struggles of Black immigrants, who have been left out of
8policy decisions for too long; and
9    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois is committed to protecting
10Black immigrants; therefore, be it
13SENATE CONCURRING HEREIN, that the Task Force on Black
14Immigrants is created and charged with the task of studying
15the state of Black immigrants in Illinois and providing
16recommendations on how to assist them; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall consist of the
18following 16 members, who shall serve without compensation:
19        (1) One member appointed by the Speaker of the House,
20    who shall serve as co-chair;
21        (2) One member appointed by the Senate President, who



HJ0018- 3 -LRB103 31086 MST 57727 r

1    shall serve as co-chair;
2        (3) One member appointed by the House Minority Leader;
3        (4) One member appointed by the Senate Minority
4    Leader;
5        (5) One member appointed by the Chair of the House
6    Black Caucus;
7        (6) One member appointed by the Chair of the Senate
8    Black Caucus;
9        (7) One member appointed by Governor;
10        (8) One member appointed by the Lt. Governor;
11        (9) The Director of the Department of Human Rights or
12    his or her designee;
13        (10) The Director of the Department of Human Services
14    or his or her designee;
15        (11) Three members representing diplomatic missions
16    and trade organizations that serve Black immigrants,
17    appointed by the Governor;
18        (12) Two members from an organization dedicated to
19    defending the rights and improving the quality of life for
20    immigrants, appointed by the Speaker of the House; and
21        (13) One member from a organization dedicated to
22    improving the quality of life for African Americans in the
23    State of Illinois, appointed by the Senate President; and
24    be it further
25    RESOLVED, That the Department of Human Rights shall



HJ0018- 4 -LRB103 31086 MST 57727 r

1provide administrative support for the Task Force; and be it
3    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall meet at the call of the
4co-chairs; and be it further
5    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall submit its final
6report to the General Assembly no later than December 31,
72024, and upon the filing of the report, is dissolved.