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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are saddened to learn of the death of Jerry
4Marquis Doss, who passed away on July 26, 2023; and
5    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss was born in Chicago to Robert and
6Ivory Lucille Doss; he graduated from Hillcrest High School
7and served honorably in the United States Navy during the
8Vietnam War; he married Shirley Boykin in Memphis, Tennessee
9on September 30, 1978, and they settled in Harvey, where they
10lived for 45 years; and
11    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss returned home after being honorably
12discharged; he accepted a position at Royal Crown Cola, where
13he worked with his father as a forklift operator; he retired
14from Royal Crown Cola after 50 years of service; and
15    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss was an active member of the Harvey
16community; he frequented the local Harvey Public Library and
17donated coins and other historical artifacts that are
18currently on display; he was known in the neighborhood as
19"Juice Jerry" because he sold and gave away pop and assorted
20juices that he would bring home from work at the Royal Crown
21plant; he worked on cars in the back of his home and helped
22neighbors and friends when asked if something needed to be



HR0414- 2 -LRB103 34252 MST 64078 r

1fixed; and
2    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss was an avid reader and enjoyed reading
3about major wars, world history, and political figures; he
4collected coins and precious metals and constantly wanted to
5examine someone's change; he collected presidential and state
6quarters and put them in collection books to give to his
7sisters and others on their birthday or Christmas; he had an
8immense DVD and VHS movie collection, which was big enough to
9rival Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services; he was an
10avid fan of Chicago sports; and
11    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss attended St. Stephens AME Church as a
12child and was later baptized by as an adult at Bethlehem Temple
13Missionary Baptist Church; and
14    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss was a family man; he loved his
15parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters, nieces, and
16nephews and made sure that his family had everything it
17needed; he supported both sons and encouraged them to stay in
18school, graduate from college, and become productive citizens;
19he was loved by so many for his kindness, intelligence, quick
20wit, and generosity; he was a hero to his children and someone
21they could always count on, even on his hardest days; and
22    WHEREAS, Jerry Doss is survived by his wife, Shirley; his



HR0414- 3 -LRB103 34252 MST 64078 r

1sons, Jerry and Clifton; his siblings, Robert (Carole) Doss
2Jr., Linda (Melvin) Whittington, Veronica (Carl) Harris,
3Sandretta Isham, Donald Doss, Dennis Doss, and Tamie Johnson;
4his in-laws, Clifton Boykin, Vicki (David) Adams, Willa
5(Jessie) Broom, and John (Famie) Boykin; 82 nieces and
6nephews; and numerous cousins and family friends; therefore,
7be it
10we mourn the passing of Jerry Marquis Doss and extend our
11sincere condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew
12and loved him; and be it further
13    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
14presented to the family of Jerry Doss as an expression of our
15deepest sympathy.