HR0424LRB103 34484 ECR 64315 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to commend the many local businesses that
4donated their time, money, and support to O'Fallon Fraternal
5Order of the Police Lodge 198 in order to bestow a
6custom-designed, 14-passenger bus to the Parent Teacher
7Organization for Exceptional Children; and
8    WHEREAS, The Parent Teacher Organization for Exceptional
9Children (PTOEC) was founded by parents, teachers, and
10community members to offer individuals with intellectual
11disabilities a united opportunity to socialize and participate
12in individual and team sports; and
13    WHEREAS, The PTOEC was in dire need of a new vehicle due to
14its prior transportation being in poor working condition and
15not wheelchair accessible; and
16    WHEREAS, When O'Fallon Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP)
17Lodge 198 discovered that the PTOEC could not afford new
18transportation, the order enlisted the help of several local
19businesses to help raise the money and provide the labor
20necessary to work on fine-tuning a new bus; and
21    WHEREAS, O'Fallon FOP Lodge 198 received overwhelming



HR0424- 2 -LRB103 34484 ECR 64315 r

1support from local businesses to make a $25,000 donation, the
2largest the order has ever made as an organization, to the
3PTOEC; and
4    WHEREAS, Jim Ford of South Beach Motors in Pontoon Beach
5helped locate and purchase a bus at auction; he then drove to
6Nebraska to pick up the bus and drove it back; and
7    WHEREAS, Moreland Auto Body of Lebanon donated its time
8for repairs to make the bus look new again; and
9    WHEREAS, Tactical Towing & Recovery Inc. of Belleville
10towed the bus, at no charge, to Mission Accomplished Tire and
11Auto in Belleville, who in turn made the bus roadworthy and
12donated both tune up and maintenance packages for bus upkeep
13at no cost; and
14    WHEREAS, Southern Bus & Mobility of Breese serviced the
15vehicle's wheelchair lift, replaced the roof, and installed
16additional seats to ensure it was safe for all passengers at no
17cost; and
18    WHEREAS, United Ink of Belleville donated time and labor
19to design and install a new vinyl wrap on the bus; and
20    WHEREAS, Romano's License Service in O'Fallon donated the



HR0424- 3 -LRB103 34484 ECR 64315 r

1registration fees and document filing necessary to make the
2bus street legal; and
3    WHEREAS, On September 15, 2023, O'Fallon FOP Lodge 198
4surprised the athletes of PTOEC at their monthly fun night by
5gifting them their new custom-designed, 14-passenger bus; and
6    WHEREAS, The PTOEC's new bus will allow the organization
7to better support its athletes by getting them to Special
8Olympics events, whether local or further away, safely;
9therefore, be it
12we commend the many local businesses that donated their time,
13money, and support to O'Fallon Fraternal Order of the Police
14(FOP) Lodge 198 in order to bestow a custom-designed,
1514-passenger bus to the Parent Teacher Organization for
16Exceptional Children (PTOEC); and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
18delivered to O'Fallon FOP Lodge 198, South Beach Motors,
19Moreland Auto Body, Tactical Towing & Recovery Inc., Mission
20Accomplished Tire and Auto, Southern Bus & Mobility, United
21Ink, and Romano's License Service as a symbol of our esteem and