HR0428LRB103 34657 LAW 64500 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to recognize Claire Maddie Eisenstadt for
4her efforts to advocate for and fight prejudice against the
5Jewish community; and
6    WHEREAS, Claire Eisenstadt, of Northbrook, is the
7great-granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, and her family are
8members of three synagogues; she is currently a student at
9Glenbrook North High School, where she is a member of the swim
10team, a youth swim instructor, a featured dancer in dance and
11musical theater performances, and the first chair trumpet
12player of her school band; she was also a student of a
13sanctioned Hebrew high school; and
14    WHEREAS, While attending Glenbrook North High School,
15Claire Eisenstadt developed skills in leadership and Jewish
16advocacy; during her study of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The
17Great Gatsby, she noticed that anti-Semitic tropes and
18stereotypes were going unacknowledged in class, which she
19brought to the attention of the school administration; through
20collaboration with the chair and faculty of the English
21Department, she advised the revision and amendment of the
22curriculum to incorporate discussion of anti-Semitism within
23the novel and to educate future English classes on the harm



HR0428- 2 -LRB103 34657 LAW 64500 r

1anti-Semitism can cause; for her efforts, she was recognized
2by Hadassah with a Leaders of Tomorrow Camp Scholarship Award,
3announced in the organization's national magazine and
4published in Jewish Chicago: The JUF Magazine; and
5    WHEREAS, In August 2022, Claire was asked to plan,
6organize, and lead the Holocaust Remembrance Assembly that
7would take place at Glenbrook North High School in April 2023;
8she was instrumental in the management and production of this
9event, providing significant knowledge and content; under her
10leadership, the event was an overwhelming success, being
11featured in a press release and subsequent lead story in
12Glenbrook High School District 225's quarterly newsletter; she
13will lead the presentation scheduled for April 2024; and
14    WHEREAS, Claire Eisenstadt is active in several Jewish
15youth groups, including Young Judea, United Synagogue Youth
16(USY), Bnai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO), and National
17Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY); she founded the Young
18Judea Chicago Chapter in May 2022 and serves as the current
19president; she served as vice president of USY Jewish
20Education from August 2022 to June 2023, as vice president of
21BBYO Jewish Education from January 2022 to June 2022, and as a
22member of the NCSY General Board from September 2021 to June
232022; and



HR0428- 3 -LRB103 34657 LAW 64500 r

1    WHEREAS, While a sophomore, Claire Eisenstadt was invited
2to join the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Leaders For
3Tomorrow (LFT) youth leadership program, supported by
4Congressman Brad Schneider; in recognition of her incredible
5contributions to the AJC LFT program, her passion for the
6Jewish people and Israel advocacy, her engagement with peers,
7her ability to invoke critical insight and contribute to a
8more thoughtful and enjoyable atmosphere, and her strong grasp
9of Jewish and Israeli history and ability to weave this
10knowledge seamlessly into her personal narrative as an
11advocate, she received the highly selective invitation to
12attend the AJC Global Forum in Tel Aviv Israel in June 2023;
13therefore, be it
16we congratulate Claire Maddie Eisenstadt for her work on
17promoting Jewish identity, combating anti-Semitism, and
18representing the Jewish community on a global stage, and we
19wish her continued success in her future endeavors; and be it
21    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
22presented to Claire Eisenstadt as an expression of our esteem
23and respect.